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Advance payment of your aircraft charter fees at a fixed rate allows you to budget your travel expenses in advance.* The best way to set hourly rates for private flights is Jet Card membership. To learn more about Stratos fixed rate Jet Card membership, download our brochure. Renting private jets is expensive! Their best and lowest private jet charter prices and rates in the industry.

Several factors influence the charter rates of private jets including:

What does it take to charter a private jet? Executive Jet Services.

What does it take to charter a private jet? Privately chartered jets are not suitable for everyone. Renting private jets is costly! Private aircraft industries revolve around businesses, sportspeople, VIPs, governments and wealthy people. Let's be frank, if you want to hire a private aircraft, you have to earn at least one million a year to be able to regularly do so.

A big issue for most of us is: How much does it take to charter a private jet? Airplanes behave like goods, so that the prices for private planes vary, the higher the level of competition, the higher the costs for renting privateplanes. There is also the private level position. In addition, a large proportion of private jet holders still need minimum amounts for non-flight time.

Moreover, other private jet charter charges are tax, charges and petrol. This is the mean price for private aircraft per class. It is an all-inclusive price per hour for private charter. Multiplying these numbers by the flying times of your private jets gives you a good picture of the real charter expenses of a private aircraft.

Small and medium sized jumpers have a two hours a day average, and large and medium sized jumpers have a three hours a day average. For example, a two-hour ride on a $4400 dollar turboprop baseball court will take you two hours. It is a private jet price scheme used by many swimming fleet operators.

As a rule, these planes use a different fare structure. In terms of the private jet fare, this scheme is very different from the float-type. Once again, all turboprops, lightweight and mid two hours per day minima and supermids and heavy jets have a three hours per day minima. In fact, there is a solution: The overall flying duration minus 2 hours per night corresponds to the travel minima.

For example, if you travel from West Palm Beach to Aspen for five nights, the entire flying duration for private jets is about ten minutes. So, we sum the 10 flying times plus the 4 minimum flying times for a fourteen overall. That' about $44,800 on a lightweight jet for the round voyage.

Your overall charter costs for private jets from Palm Beach to Aspen will be approximately $48,800. Different ratings are applied to each individual aeroplane depending on its size, type, management type and ownership. Our interactions take place with over twenty resources on every private charter. An experienced private charter crew will compare all providers of swimming fleets with your nearest one.

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