Jumping Water Jets

Bouncing water jets

It is a breathtaking water effect that contradicts the laws of gravity and fluid physics. Oasis Jumping Jet Fountain Rainbow Star. These instructions are for anyone who has ever wanted to build a laminar flow water jet, they sound complex, but are actually very simple.

This is the ultimative jump jet - completely made of stainless steel.

When the crystalline, glassy water jet & the "jump effect" of jumping jets is described as magic, a stroll through a number of them can become an illusionary one. Jumpin' jets. It is a breathtaking water effect that contradicts the law of gravitation and flow mechanics. It' s basically a water pole, so stable, reminiscent of glas and yet so alive.

The glassy current always follows its arcuate, paraabolic shape without dropping under it. Experiencing this particular water effect up close is an incredible adventure in itself, with an astounding colour range of millions of colours all over. We' ve designed and built these jets with precision to be totally breathtaking in every way. Designed entirely in high-grade steels to ensure the beam's integrality and water effect, they stay intact for years under the toughest of conditions, even when working long hours.

We have integrated an awesome RGBW, 4-core, 8W, mono wire light with exceptional vibrant colours to light the water jet inside evenly over its whole length. Electronically, we've designed Jumping Jets to be controllable across a variety of plattforms - from basic electronical panel, PLC and DMX to B&M and even the iPad.

They have a certain amount of water flow coefficient; they have a particular way of drawing audiences and become the focus wherever they are placed, in outdoor swimming baths, drying decks, indoor and outdoor*. The nozzles are always the water form of your choosing, for performances, musicals, theatres, shopping centres, theme centres, hotel and high quality domestic use.

Accuracy is the hallmark of jumping jets and to ensure the highest possible level of performance on the jet manufacturing industry, we use a range of state-of-the-art machines such as lasers and CNC' to produce these jets; for example, the high-grade jet has a diameter of 0.001mm. Jumping Jets are based on a glass-like water jet, which makes it look completely calm and alive at the same tim.

This water effect is created by the jet in the jumping jets, which is why we have made this jet from stainless steel. Above all, not through the media through which it passes - water. Jumping jets on the water jet scene are fitted with either pure oxygen oxide jets (brass or bronzed jets), which have a tendency to corrosion by water itself.

The jumping jets are made to explode, explode and leap. Fine mechanics and manufacturing to ensure that you have a ruin-free, splash-free, crystalline water jet in the sky. The Fontana Jumping Jets have a stunning eight-watt, single-chip, four-wire indoor RBGW light - an innovative member of the TheSmartLEDTM range that delivers exceptional intensity and a million vibrant colours.

thousands of hrs, result in the lightest and most energysaving jumping laminar currents. In addition to the red, green and blue nuclei, this lamp has a fourth: As a result, you get more vivid colours to select from and stunning, energetic lighting scenes. Those bright colours let jumping jets stick out in the darkness and provide this stunning, magical kind of effect.

Efficient lighting ensures that the lighting passes through the whole current, from the outlet of the jet to where the current hits the dropping area. You' ll also find that the incident point produces a colourful dazzling effect - just like glass fibres. Please be aware that the water must be completely clear so that the electricity can be fully lit.

Fontana Jumping Jets can be equipped with a Fontana RGBW control unit or can be operated via DMX, giving the end consumer full control freedom. When using arrayed jumping jets, it is always intriguing to select different colours for each jett, and this fixture is addressed to make it as simple as possible.

Design: Generates a glass-like water jet, incorporates an enhanced low-voltage cut off device for continuous water effect with high-speed bursts, dual low-voltage quad-core single-chip RGBW fixture with addressing cartridge, 16-level heat insulation and reversed pole guard, all high-grade SS body with high-grade SS orifice and rugged pedestal with intelligent placement and laser-marked bracket guide rails.

New Fontana machine with amazing steering features and included Fontana full function management system controlling well. Allows you to individually manage each jump stream, build your own water and lighting choreography, set up automation such as water levels and winds, and set up operations with ease.

Typically, a way to manage jumping jets is to use a general purpose PLC. The system is tailor-made according to the specification of the respective applications with regard to the number of jump nozzles to be operated and the demands on automated systems. Please be aware that an extra fixture is necessary to operate the luminaires. Use your own DMX softwares or consoles or select one of Fontana's available ones and manage the jumping jets.

Make use of the infinite possibilities of DMX application, creating choreography and sequence for water and lighting, and the Jumping Jets will accordingly succeed. Experience your jumping jets in an easy, funny and totally secure way. Not only can you let your waterfall run fully automatically, but you can also take full charge, select your favourite choreography and lightshows, and even spontaneously modify them via the iPad's user interface. iPad's user interfaces are also available in a variety of formats.

The water effect of jumping jets is susceptible to wind and water pollution. Use always clear/treated water.

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