Petit Taxi

Small Taxi

Getting a Moroccan big or small taxi, prices and facts about Moroccan traffic. Are the small taxis adhering closely to the legal limit of three people per taxi? Take a small taxi in Morocco Taxi in Morocco are the most beloved means of transportation. Therefore, taking a taxi with you is the most frequent form of transportation, both for brief excursions in the town and for long-distance travel through the state. Taxi travel in Morocco is not as easy as in other places, and there are a few things you should be careful about before taking one.

Whilst this paper will concentrate on the different kinds of cabs in Morocco, it will also cover the benefits / drawbacks / costs of each. First kind of taxi on our schedule is the Petit Taxi. A petit taxi, which comes from the name petit, which means small in English, is only for small journeys and carries 3 persons, one in the front and two in the back.

Small taxi cannot depart from the border of the town and therefore cannot be used for transfer between towns. Designed only for brief excursions through the downtown and outskirts. Some taxi stands are devoted to small cabs in strategical position throughout the town. Often these stands are coupled with a large taxi stop, which is a different kind of taxi.

Small cabs are very inexpensive. Driving a small taxi costs much less than driving a taxi in Europe or the USA, but keep in mind, that the state of the car may not meet the same standard. Getting a small taxi at midnight is more costly than during the normal hours, but only a little.

Like in the USA and Europe it is common to tip the rider a small amount. Smaller cabs often have no counters, so it will be necessary to arrange a fix rate with the taxi drivers in person. If you are a visitor, you may be open to exploitative, so don't miss to check out our articles about taxi trading in Morocco.

A few small taxi cabs in big towns have counters as a way of preventing the attack of tourist, but some riders may not want to turn it on. In this case, you should get out and look for another taxi. Many Moroccans divide their taxi with other persons travelling in the same directions, so your taxi may not depart until all places are occupied and may stop on the way to collect others.

They can rent the whole taxi for an arranged rate, but be willing to overstep the quote, although if you are in a hurry, then you don't really have another one. In every town, petit cabs are easy to recognize because they all have the same color. You can find information about the colors of the small taxi for each town: here:

It' s a fact that petit cabs are not known for their comforts, so don't wait for your lease on them. A small taxi is a small, four-seater car like a Fiat Uno from the 90s. Although they are not convenient, they are ideal for shorter trips through the town.

Rarely do these cabs have seat belts, so if you are traveling with small kids, for example, you may want to hire a better car from a privately owned firm. Morocco's streets and road conditions are not good, and in the cities it can sometimes be quite messy, so it might be stressing to take a small taxi if you have kids.

Although the taxi is small, it's probably too big to travel along most of the roads in the Mediterranean, so if your final destination is in the Mediterranean of a Moroccan town, remember that you'll probably have to take the last mile.

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