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Our client oriented attitude allows us to provide customised travel at a reasonable cabin price to meet the client's unique needs. After all, we dedicate a great deal of our efforts to the servicing of this vast range of cabins, because your security and your convenience are our top priority.

Under the leadership of a young entrepreneurs' management group, you will enjoy the excitement and excitement of each and every one of the services we offer. Our enthousiastic staff is dedicated to providing excellent value for money and excellent client services.

Funktaxi market in India

The radio taxis in India are growing. In addition to Meru, Mega, Easy, Tab Cab and other classic cabs, there are many new technological firms joining this field (Olacabs, Taxiiforsure and Uber are just a few). In the past, this industry has been strongly promoted. Every type of player competes on the relevant markets in order to increase its own geographic area.

This presentation gives a complete overview of the markets and the actors.

Rutogo overland cabin genset purchased by lxigo

In 2007 Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar introduced IXIGIGO in Gurgaon. Compare and aggregate real-time trip information, fares and availabilities for air tickets, rail tickets, busses, taxis, hotel tickets, parcels and destination information. Bombay: The travelling mobility operator lxigo has purchased Square Hoot Hikes Pvt Ltd, the mother of Rutogo, a provider of intercity cabins, for an unpublished amount.

Rutogo's Rutogo staff will join Ixigo, led by Le Travenues Technology Pvt. Ltd, to extend its cab application and build a market place for cab companies and sellers. It is the second time in the last one month that Ixigo has acquired the Indian backpacker, which it previously disclosed.

Micromax Informatics Ltd., a manufacturer of handsets, made a major strategy in June to invest in Ixigo to help Ixigo grow its 6th generation. The Rutogo staff is enthusiastic about the tourism cab sector and had made significant strides in setting up a market place with nearly 100 cab sales people across India within a few month of commissioning, said Aloke Bajpai, co-founder and CEO of Ixigo.

"Our overall business plan is to offer a full range of in- and outside city taxibook opportunities. Bajpai said, "We will launch our outdoor station cabs in the next few months and will soon open the cab parking lot and collaborate with other intercity cab reservation applications.

"The Ixigo already has a taxi and rickshaw meter application that offers a call to book capability for multiple off-line providers in smaller locations. In the latter case in particular, Ixigo could continue to add value if it chooses to penetrate further into this verticality instead of compete with highly-funded Ola and Uber in big cities," Kapoor said.

Uber Technologies Inc. last weeks obtained a silent partnership from the Tata Opportunities Fund as the U.S. cab operator prepared to enter India and intensified its battle with Ola, its domestic competitor. Just a few month ago, Ixigo unveiled the first India taxis meta-search application on the Google Play Store.

Using the lxigo cab application, travelers can find bookings from app-based cab companies such as Ola, Uber and Easycabs. Previously the application was restricted to inner-city taxis and cars, and with Rutogo Rxigo will be expanding into the Intercity tourism sector that suits its population well. Aneesh Rayancha, co-founder of Rutogo, said Mr Rayancha shared Ixigo's view of becoming the market leader for driver's cabs both locally and externally.

Venus Dhuria, another co-founder of Rutogo, pointed out that the estimate for the global retail price growth rate for app-based taxis is $9 billion, and intercity vehicle reservations will account for much of this, given the higher value of such deals. In 2007 Ixigo was introduced in Gurgaon by Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar.

Compare and aggregate real-time trip information, fares and availabilities for air tickets, rail tickets, busses, taxis, hotel tickets, parcels and destination information.

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