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I' m creating the largest intercity taxi service in India. One-way taxi service available for all major routes. Vadodara's first app-based taxi booking service is Njoy Cabs. You can pay cash, with multiple in-app wallets or Bharat QR code for your local, airport and intercity tours.

Awesome Inter City Taxi Service - Review of Gozo Cabs, New Delhi, India

Two and a half days of my GoZo cab experiences was nothing less than a no-dream. The GoZo cabins do not have any controls on the cabins and operators they offer. At the time of reservation they will inform you that all tolls are including. But during the trip, the taxi rider will bill you for every single road tolls and other fees already contained in the ticket price (with pistol, type of toll).

There will be a tourist messenger who has no clue about your journey and the only response he has will be that I will set up a callback to you and they will never call back. My designated messenger tried his part by phoning the taxi cabbie, but the taxi cabbie was just as unyielding to him as he was to me and believes me....

The Gozo cabins have NO access to their riders. Cabins are local and the taxi cab operator will not hear the arrangement you have made with Gozocabs. In addition, the taxi cab operator will charge a larger portion of the overall rate as an advanced payment, and if you decline to make payment, the cab operator dragged the taxi up the side of the street and declined to continue.

By the end of the afternoon, the taxi was refusing to take me to the motel because of some trade unions problems. Gozo cabin manager pledged to solve the problem, but never recalled. Well, I got dam saws at my own expense. Drivers charged two hundred crowns for the overnight park fee, which the guesthouse will not inform you when you book.

All in all the Gozo cabin experiences were too good and my journey was wasted.


Disposable taxis available for all important journeys. Hire cars in our hire shops for your needs in the city or when visiting your favourite place. Wherever you are planning to explore the city, you will receive our exclusive, city-by-city, tailor-made pack offered by well-known, city-famous riders. Stadtautovermietung Parcels available for the sights of the city also seen.

If you are travelling in more than one location in the city and surrounding area, our exclusive location based packages will help you save your travelling expenses and save your precious travelling experience compared to several trips you have used. Rent a taxi for a locale car rentals such as 6 hours / 60 km 8 hours /80 km 10 hours/100 km 12 hours/120 km available with us.

Your rent a vehicle plan can be renewed at the face value surcharge on the basis of your flexibility. Redirect your bookings to the locally booked vehicle via your web browser using this link.... Featuring pickup and return service, helpful chauffeurs and a simple e-billing service.

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