Taxi Pickup

Pick-up by taxi

Taxicab Pickup - HTML5 game for licencing The Licensor hereby licenses to Licensee a commercial, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence in accordance with the conditions and other regulatory limitations contained in the third parties softwares used during the execution of the softwares. The licensee may use the licence for the following purposes: The Licensee may not subrogate or delegate any of its foregoing or any of its obligations under this Agreement.

The Licensee may adapt one (1) Splashscreen, ad code and analysis code upon purchasing. The licensee may use the software for any purposes, even paying for a service, without paying any licence fees. The licensee of a particular website may use the software on an indefinite server and a website only for the licensee's own use. The licensor may cancel this agreement, and the licensee's licence, if the licensee: the licensee has otherwise concluded an agreement which prevents the licensor from enforcing his right under this licence.

Abuse of the Licensed Material In the case that the Licensee abuses the Licensed Material without the Licensor's previous permission, the Licensor shall immediately cancel the Licensed Material by giving the Licensee notification in writing. The licensee must immediately discontinue the use of the licence key. Licensee shall make a payment to Licensor by means of PayPal, debit card, or such other means as Licensor deems appropriate, subject to Licensor's granting a licence pursuant to Section 2 above.

The Licensor may from period to period make available to Licensee upgrade, update or fix, as described herein, in its absolute judgment. Licencee hereby guarantees to keep the Software up to date and to make all applicable changes, revisions and corrections and may, at its option, upgrade the Software at the prices determined by Licensor.

Licensee provides each and every updating or correction free of cost; however, Licensee does not obligate Licensee in this Agreement to furnish updates or corrections. Fix: For purposes of this Agreement, a Fix is a small modification to the Software that is designed to fix errors or change smaller functions that affect the Software's operation.

If the licensee buys software under 1.1, for example. Licencee may immediately and without undue notice give Licencor any detail regarding any error, fault or malfunction in the Software and Licencee will respond to Licencor's prompt for information regarding any error, fault or malfunction and will give Licencor information, screen shots and attempt to replicate such error, fault or malfunction.

Licencee may require the Software to provide add-on functionality, provided that (i) Licencee waives any claims or rights to the Software in the event that it is designed by Licencor; (ii) Licencee is not permitted to design the Software or to provide to any third parties any such Software or functionality requests or functionality that are in close contact with Licencor or any third parties that are in close contact with Licencor after the design of such Software or functionality;

Licencee guarantees that the Characteristic does not violate any patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other third parties' rights to IP; and (iv) Licensee has alone designed, visualised or constructed the Characteristic. As far as legally permissible, the sofware is provided on the base of AS-IS. The Licensor shall never and without limitation be responsible for any damages, costs, expenses or other payments suffered by the Licesee as a consequence of acts, failures, errors and/or other interactions between the Licesee and any terminal, computer, other piece of code or third parties, terminal, computer or service of the Licesee.

In addition, Licensor shall never be held responsible for defects in the software that Licensee has provided when it relies on or uses the software's software sources. Industrial property: The Licensor hereby guarantees that the Software does not breach or infringes any third parties' right to claim in respect of IP, patent and/or trademark and that, to the best of its ability, no actions have been brought against the Software for breach or breach of any third parties' IPR.

The licensor is the proprietor of the intellectual property of the software. Licensor hereby declines all warranties that the Software is error-free, free from defect or coding that could cause injury to Licensee's or Licensee's computer, and that the Software is operable.

The Licensee shall be exclusively responsible for any damages, defects or losses resulting from the use of the Licensed Material and shall assume the risk associated with the use of the Licensed Material on the Licensed Material's servers and websites. The Licensee hereby declares that it has thoroughly tested and found the Licensed Material to be satisfying and appropriate to its needs, that it does not affect its normal operations, and that it meets the standard and scale of its computer system and architectures.

Licencee determined that the Software is interacting with its Entwicklungs-, Website- und Serverumgebung and that it does not violate the end-user licence agreement for Sofware, which Licensee may use to provide its work. The licensee hereby renounces any claim with regard to compatibility, power, results and functions of the program and guarantees that he has checked the game.

The licensee guarantees that he has tested the software in accordance with the preceding clauses and that it is appropriate for his needs. Since the Software is an immaterial good, Licensee shall never be eligible for a reimbursement, discount, indemnity or reimbursement for any cause even if the Software has substantial defects.

Licencee hereby indemnifies Licensor and holds Licensor harmless from and against any and all actions filed against Licensor for Licensee's use of the Software that infringe, infringes or otherwise circumvents this Licence, Licensor's IPR or Licensor's Title to the Software. In the event of any such suit, Licensor shall promptly inform Licensee and obtain Licensee's approval before reaching agreement in connection with any such suit or demand.

Licencee hereby undertakes not to bring any collective suit against Licensor in connection with this Licence and to indemnify Licensor for attorneys' costs, costs or attorneys' costs if any cause of action by Licencee against Licensor is rejected in whole or in part.

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