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Are there certain types of taxis that are better than others? Please visit http://tbilisitaxi.ge/ "Maxim" Taxi Order Service for details.

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ls it simple and secure to call a taxi on the road in Tbilisi? Are there any particular kinds of taxi that are better than others? Do I have to bargain with a cab? Every taxi is secure. Give the prize before you get in the goddamn thing. Normally it works like this - you stop a taxi and tell it your destination and your fare.

You' ll see there's already another cab after it. When your rider says no, it will show up and the odds of that rider agreeing are higher. I just went to see Tbilisi. I' m saying one of each of the four automobiles on the road is a cab with a TAXI plate on top.

This means that they are officially taxi and it is very simple to find them on the road. A lot of cabs are luxurious, but a little old like Mercedes and BMW. Be sure to always set the fare with the chauffeur before getting into the taxi. Within the town, it is usually not more than 6 Lari(3$).

The majority of taxi riders don't speak German. Put the adress on a sheet of hard copy and show it to the rider. Sometimes it works. Even the name of some places is different from the Gorji name and taxi riders do not know if you use the name.

It' s better to study the Gorji term for it in time. As an example, most riders will not be able to comprehend Freedom or Liberty Square, which is actually the city's central plaza. Anyone can buy a "taxi sign" here and be an "official" taxi... there is no Georgia policy.

It was very simple for us to take a taxi anywhere in Tbilisi. Many of them will immediately offer the right and cheap prices. It' very secure to take these cabs with you, not only on the highway, they run everywhere. Every taxi is the same... in every country, in Tbilisi.

5-10 GEL is a good rate for the downtown area, but it seems to me that cabs are totally non-regulated and any fool with a mercenary can put a plate on the rooftop and off you go.

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