Airbus new Project

New Airbus project

The EAGLE project aims to facilitate vision in autonomous aircraft. The EAGLE project aims to facilitate vision in autonomous aircraft. In recent years, Boeing and Airbus have dominated the commercial aircraft market, turning it into a duopoly. Apart from that there are not too many options for a new project.


When great minds, great minds and great faces overlap, we create innovative products. We at Airbus make these crossings possible. These groundbreaking breakthroughs have a positive effect on the global economy and arouse enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the aviation and space industries. The Airbus Perlan Mission II aircraft rises to 76,000 ..... Zephyr Airbus Solar High altitude ..... CAAS, EASA and Airbus are working together to....

BizLab extends its worldwide Airbus BizLab business unit.... That is why at Airbus we focus on areas of research and innovation that will have a decisive impact on the aviation and space industries of the years to come and improve the way we inhabit, move and interactively work. Airbus is therefore making massive investments in research to develop all the necessary technology and is working with the best to make it a reality. Airbus is also working with the best in the industry to develop the technology that will make it a success.

We digitize air and space travel arrangement, commerce, our commodity and employment, and day the region. The Vahana is one of two electrical take-off and landers ( eVTOL ) that Airbus is currently designing to reduce urban overloading. For so many travellers, the enviromental impacts of transport in conventional cars are staggering as towns account for 70% of the world' s GHGs.

We work with the world's smartest brains through our worldwide centers of excellence, risk funds and space agencies to address major issues with new knowledge and make the planet a networked, wealthier and more secure place. We help accelerate aviation and space industry innovations by financing and assisting start-ups and SME.

A3, located in Silicon Valley, is a groundbreaking center of excellence for innovations that will define the futures of aviation with the help of world-class professionals who take risks and deliver at top speeds. The Airbus China Innovation Center (ACIC), located in Shenzhen, China, is charged with the task of anticipating the next major transformation in the aviation and space industry by leveraging emerging technologies locally and the talented team.

The Airbus BizLab is a worldwide accelerator cluster in France, Germany and India that hosts start-ups and Airbus entrepreneurs to accelerate the conversion of innovation concepts into invaluable and vibrant companies. Airbus Ventures, based in Silicon Valley and Paris, is a fast-paced early-stage investing group that provides independent financing and support to inspirational start-ups in the aviation and space industries.

Airbus' Flying Your Ideas contest is inspiring the next generations to create innovations for the aviation and space industries of the 21st century. It is an opportunity for pupils to put their studying and research in the classroom to work on realistic challenging situations to find answers for the aviation and space industries of the present. Participants in the finals will be asked to design and prototypise their solution and present their project to a panel of experts at the closing ceremony.

Through our open innovations program, we aim to identify vibrant small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups that we work with to create breakthrough technology for the aerospace world.

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