Minicab Application Form

Mini-Cab application form

Instead of searching for application documents to be downloaded, we are happy to send you an online application. Instead of searching for application documents to be downloaded, we are happy to send you an online application. Should you wish to submit a quick application to the German Society for Dental Medicine (TfL), please call us and ask for the "Platinum Package". We will organise your DBS examination + an eyesight test here in Barking, carry out the DBS examination for you + make preparations for the topographical test.

As soon as your application is completed, we will send everything directly to the TÜV. With our fast track application process, we ensure that your application is sent to the office as quickly as possible. Encouraging candidates from all background (countries) and skills to participate. Once you have chosen to process your application with us, we will take the following steps:

What identity cards do I need to take with me? However, if you make your own application, it may take up to 16 months to process. Simply make sure that you have filled out all the form as well as possible so that there are no delay. Certain delay can be attributed to waiting for your DBS checks, as not only minicab or chauffeur pilots need to be inspected, but also instructors, nursing staff, etc.

If something is emphasized in your health checks, the FDA must examine and make its own requests and determine your entitlement. Further causes of delay are due solely to the mere number of requests that have to do with MFL. If, however, you opt for our Platinum Package, your application will be forwarded to the German Football Association (TfL) immediately, thus cutting the loss of your own personal work.

Where' s my application? Where' s my license? Alternatively, if you have sent your application form a few weeks ago and would like to keep an overview of how your application will be processed, please send it to Transport for London at the following address:

If my application is rejected, what happens? Failing this and if your application is rejected, Transport for London (TfL) will inform you in a written form of a written request containing the following information: Confirm that your request has been rejected. They may have been rejected for various reason, e.g. because something appears during your DBS screening.

In the event that the rejection is confirmed, you will only be refunded that part of your license charge that relates to the "Granting of a License". Remaining charges already received, i.e. the partial application charge, the DBS charge and the DBS charge are non-refundable.

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