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Note: This aircraft is used on our flights to Australia and Pacific Island. 200 (332) It was an older aircraft with less than good quality seatings. Quite a disappointment in our Businessclass. How old is this airplane? Designed with a divider wall, this Super Economic chair offers significant additional leg room.

Additional width of arm and armrests is definitely a bonus. In comparison to the Scotland-independent luxury chairs, the small size of the serving trolley allows it to be folded out in an unfavourable manner.

Like mentioned in other commentaries, the backrest of the BMW Classic does not exist in the case of the Premier Economics series. Anyone who has created this chair should be found...and addressed seriously. It' s very frustrating to be in B & B mode on this one. It' s very outdated - no shallow seating - and quite run down and needs not only an upgrade, but also a thorough cleanup.

You would only decide to go with this airplane if you had no other option, and there are many better options out there. On this Houston I was upgrading non-stop to Paris in the last second to get my hands on my Premier City. I' d never buy another prime economics for this airplane guy. I felt like there was only a very small pillow in the chair.

Perhaps the fit was so tight that it only corrupted what should be the benefit of being in the premier business. A lot of videoscreens don't work. 29 A & B coldiest seating in the coldiest machine, according to the cabin crew. My chairs seemed to be used up and the hardware was damaged, even my couch didn't work at all.

It is a little fatigued, very overhauled, but this applies to the whole aircraft! Usually I choose this as it is the front chair which is FOC, but it has a powerful package in the footwell. Fly with this airplane from Cape Town to Paris (11 hours) in business, the chairs were comfy enough, says Winkel flatbed, but in terms of the footrest, which is slightly tilted down, the beds goes very shallow, but in the strange nook.

The IFE had a good choice, but was a little sluggish, the meal was fantastic, overall a pretty good fit for 5-9hrs. The Air France Premium Economy seating in this aircraft is horrible. In comparison to a Lufthansa franchise, these chairs are horrible. The 28K is not comfortable because of the closeness of the toilets (light, odour, sound, traffic), but also because of the amusement stall under the front chair, which prevents me from stretching my feet correctly (only 50% available).

Definitely no place to select. It was a very tough fit, only about an inches behind. The Airbus A330 is a kind of wood box. Ain' no room and the pillows are so tough I had to put a cushion under my bed, you know what?

And who had this bad suggestion of placing rigid partition walls between the chairs? I had a sitting in the starting line, but he just made more room in front of me. It was a terrible chair, like all economies. You have to make this aircraft much more comfy.

Although the saddle is not quite shallow, it was comfy and I had a good night's sleep. There is a cushioned tray in the front part of the chair, like an Otto. Plenty of stowage space - on the Otto, under him and even under his own chair and he is not squashed by the deck chair.

The front wall of the front end of the F1J & 1K chairs is very near and therefore less free for the legs. In order to get out of the window place, one will always bother the traveller in theangsitz. It' s very bad that AF does not have a completely shallow seating in the J-class on a 10-hour-trip. Now I found 2A on the outgoing foot, much more convenient than seating 2E on the comeback.

Between the underside of the chair and the foot rest there is a crack that was unpleasant when going to bed. Also I found the position/maneuverability of the IFE display on 2A fit much better. When they' re high, compartment fits are definitely the right choice. That was a very beautiful fit. I' ve been revalued by economics plus.

The island is almost shallow and has island entrance. Eating was good, the conveniences were beautiful and the bathroom for our busines classes was so neat! The 1E saddle is a compartmentalized saddle, so there is no stowing on the front bottom. Additional leg room on the Air France A330 between Paris and New Delhi on the 29A seats.

When you' re big (I' m 6'2"), that would be a very good place. It' a preferred seating option, and I spent $68 on it. IFE (Inflight Entertainment) system in the Economy Division of this plane is quite outdated and provides a less satisfactory viewing environment. They can have a 32" incline and an 18" width, but the seating is not as comfy as Delta on their A330-300.

Sitting width is somewhat deceptive as the armrests are very broad and only go up an 80 percent corner. This will affect the width of the chair when the armrest is facing downwards/horizontally, but when it is moved backwards the shoulders will be reduced. Overall, the narrow seating is further limited by IFE in front of the 39F seating.

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