City Air Bus

Air City Bus

The Airbus air taxicab could be in a city by 2025. CityAirbus is one of several Airbus aircraft transport systems under development. Airbus thinks that its CityAirbus aircraft taxis could be used in 2025 in large city pilots. I think once we see that this becomes reality, in some of the towns that are really planing for the smartcity of the tomorrows, we will see very rapid acceptance," Cousin said at a podium session on the futures of transportation in megacities.

Together with City Airbus, the aviation and space technology group is working on several different types of transportation solution. AIRBUS is developing it in cooperation with Audi and Italdesign, the Turin office of the Volkswagen Group. His cousin said that a City Airbus Demonstrator will be constructed in Germany and will be ready for presentation by the end of this year.

Car manufacturers see the provision of the mobile service of the futur as an essential part of their businesses for the time being. Europe's transportation and interconnectivity markets will increase to 223 billion in 2030, from 32 billion in 2017, said Andrea Carlucci, Toyota Europe's Global Sales Manager, increasing from just 6 per cent of Toyota Europe's overall car sales from 502 billion last year to 42 per cent of a possible 531 billion in 2030.

âWe are very seriously interested in making the business a mobile provider,â said Carlucci, pointing out that Toyota's mobile policy will be tied to its objective of zero-carbon. Toyota Connected Europe, headquartered in London, to further evolve its business development strategies, he said.

Arantxa Alonso said that the automotive group' Sat marque has also established a new entity known as XMOBA, which focuses on providing transportation solutions. The panellists did not agree on whether it would be better for large enterprises to establish distinct mobile labels or to use their current label names. Alonso said Alonso chose Seat's own name because it wanted to win new clients.

Toyotaâs Carlucci noted that the value of the marque is critical for the business in this new market place. More and more, urban areas are driving urban transport, and not just consumers or technologies, according to the panel. He pointed, for example, to seven Dutch towns and cities carrying out research into urban transport in order to test possible ways of introducing measures at Member State levels.

âWe get inquiries every few day, we get inquiries for transportation in the city,â? he said.

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