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Expanded range of private jet services and an increase in overcrowded travellers. A possibility and "empty legs" are usually aircraft repositioning legs or non-passengers carrying flight segments. You can enjoy our private flight services!

Special offers for VISA members

Personal aircrafts that have been chartered for travel to and from the United States of America or elsewhere in the United States. From turboprop planes, lightweight planes, mid-size planes and heavier planes to choppers of all shapes and sizes, our private airliners are available in all classes. Personal air travel can be organised for any number of people from 1 to as many as you need to carry.

The private planes are under contract with the highest level of protection and comfort and can be complemented with extra luxurious facilities, from hairdresser to masseur, with full-service gastronomy, entertainments, limousine to and from the airport. Give us a call today (855-9-FlyJets) for the highest level of luxurious flight packages.

Booking a semi-private flight to Las Vegas for just $158 return from Burbank & Santa Ana.

Whilst private plane flight is definitely on my wish lists, the level of expertise doesn't quite match my actualudget. The JetSuiteX flight service between Southern California Burbank and Santa Ana and Las Vegas is semi-private and the same as a scheduled flight. What do I do to make a reservation? Please click on the date link below to see the flight information and proceed with the reservation procedure.

They do not get the aircraft to yourself, but you get a substantial amount of space, free beverages (beer, wines and liquor included) and refreshments - as well as the option of long check-in routes, a secure environment and the need to get there hour before your flight (30 min are all you need with JetSuiteX).

Take all the comfort of a private flight for the price of a business flight. What is the flight quality of JetSuiteX compared to this? As well as a convenient flight environment, each client can give up to two 50 pound envelopes at no extra charge - and there are no cancellations or flight-changes.

Note that our offers are updated without obligation, depending on our website being available and at the date of publishing.

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