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About tried to fix his most annoying problems with new features in the app. Supply with Uber and earn according to your schedule. Über has upgraded the app functions to fix the most troublesome issues.

Carpooling can lead to difficulty - sometimes the driver shows up too late or the car is difficult to locate in crowded areas. However, Uber has tackled these problems with three new fixes that they released on Monday, July 16. The new " collection notification ", similar to the text, allows the driver to interact with the driver before collection.

App people can now illuminate their phone with a specific colour so the driver can recognise and recognise it on the road. Travellers can now plan "guaranteed punctual pick-ups" 30 and a half weeks in advanced at no extra charge. People who travel a lot know the nuisances associated with the coordination of transport through ride sharing applications.

You sometimes arrive too late to make a meal booking - and so does the automobile you ordered. To fix this inconvenience right away, Uber introduced three new capabilities on Monday, July 16 that you can immediately access by upgrading the app on your portable devices. Perhaps the most invaluable upgrade for regular travellers is the Punctual Collection Guarantee function, which allows passengers to plan trips within a chosen amount of timeframe 30 nights in advance without incurring extra costs.

Estimated trips must be planned at least 30 min. in advance.) The fare for over trips posted using this function will be shown as desired, just as for trips posted on request. In the event that a user's pre-planned journey does not reach the specified time frame chosen by the current traveler, the next journey will be credited with $10.

And Venmo comes to Uber App to share your trips and eat.

There' at last a way to divide the cheque for trips and meals in the Uber App - and all that without this additional charge. The San Francisco-based carpooling firm on Thursday heralded a relationship with Venmo that will integrate the Uber app with its beloved carpooling system. "Since so many of our passengers and diners are already turning to Venmo to repay a boyfriend for the last trip or the last dinner, we are proud to have established a smooth, easy-to-use link between our apps," said Marco Mahrus, Director of Payments Alliances, in a declaration.

Imagine the Uber app as a website and the ability to use Venmo as an add-on to it, such as to share an item about community content without leaving the site. Over six million Venmo charges have already been paid over the past year, so the new relationship, with which drivers (and eaters) can share spending, simplifies the allocation of fares for them.

Uber and Uber even give Uber and Uber their own customized symbols in the app - the first businesses to get brand-name Uber and Uber moji in the payments engine. The new cooperation even gives individuals the opportunity to purchase the company's carpooling and catering service with their own credit from FIFA. The move is likely to be aimed at post-80s consumers, as they make up a large proportion of the clients of both firms - the added comfort is also aimed at combating the lack of domination.

It will be extended to all U.S. Uber-User in the next few months. This old way of dividing the tariffs is still an optional for those without Venmo, although the fee of $0.25 unfortunately still applies.

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