Charter Flight Cost

charter flight costs

In addition to the hourly rate of the aircraft, there are many factors that influence the prices for private jet charter. What does it cost to charter a private plane? That is a matter we often get to ask when we speak to someone looking at planes and other planes. So, this paper guides you through the different elements and provides some price indicators. On the bottom of the page you will find a price calculator with which you can get an offer for an individual flight.

So if the aircraft only brings you in one direction and has to make an empty flight back, you can cover the cost of this empty flight in the end. To see a complete listing of the kinds of things you might be billed for, please read our previous articles entitled Privat Jet Charter Costs - What's on the Invoice?

After all this, we asked Patrick Harris, President of Velocity Jet, to give some samples of what typically flying cost is in a variety of lightweight, medium and heavier aircraft. Following rates are flat rates for one-way trips. A few more price samples come from Avinode, which operates a charter market place for broker and operator and collects a lot of price information.

Your most recent figures show the hourly rate for outward and inward journeys for different planes. However, as mentioned above, these fares may differ according to when you are flying, where you are flying and whether your flight is one-way or one-way, plus approach charges, loading bay charges and any re-positioning that may contribute to the cost.

Request a fully integrated offer from your brokers or operators. Please also be aware that per-hour charges may differ greatly according to the airplane type and state. When you are dealing with the charter of an airplane and are planning to use a charter brokers, there is a good roster of questions to ask a charter brokers or services provider in this private charter articles.

You can use the Immediate Quote Generation utility below to obtain quotes for certain flight (s) you are scheduling. When you seriously explore the possibilities of privately owned air travel and compare charter, fleet and fractional airfares, please click here to access our free, detailed guide to privately owned air travel.

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