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Reserve your taxi in just one second. Taxi calls are taxi services in India in several cities in India. The ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited Comfort Transportation ("Comfort") was founded in 1970 and was then known as the Workers' Co-operative Commonwealth for Transport Limited, with the objective of providing taxi operators with a job and a better quality of living. Comfort has evolved from the modest beginnings of 1,000 Morris Oxford cabs to today's 10,000+ taxi hire business to become the biggest of the two taxi businesses that it has.

ComfortDelGro in Singapore runs over 15,000 cabs under the Comfort and CityCab name. Using advanced technologies and comprehensive trainings, the Group's taxi operators are not only leaders in Singapore, but in the world. Since the modest beginnings of 1,000 Morris Oxford cabs in 1970, Comfort Transportation has evolved into Singapore's biggest taxi company with a total of over 10,000 cabs.

In 1996, the first taxi operator in Singapore to offer a free dial-a-cab taxi rental services was born. The CityCab was created in April 1995 through the amalgamation of three taxi companies, Singapore Airport Bus Services Ltd, ComfortDelGro (S.E. Asia) Pte Ltd (formerly SBS Taxi Pte Ltd) and Singapore Penuter Pte Ltd.

Today, CityCab has a total of more than 4,200 cars in its portfolio, including more than 300 saloon cabins with Mercedes-Benz cars. China, the Group has more than 8,790 taxi operators through various JV activities in Beijing, Shenyang, Nanjing, Nanning, Shanghai, Jilin City, Chengdu, Hengyang, Suzhou, Xiamen and Yantai. ComfortDelGro, Computer Cab in London, Computer Cab (Edinburgh), Computer Cab (Aberdeen) and Merseyside radio meter labs in Liverpool run a 4,500-strong Liverpool owned and operated wireless taxi network that provides a first rate experience to businesses and consumers.

The London based Computer Cab brand has four brand names - ComCab, DataCab, Call-A-Cab and Local Taxis, each with a clear corporate image and offering 24/7 services to the town. She has 160 own chauffeurs on her route and runs an exclusively Edinburgh International Taxi Licence. During March 2007, the Group purchased another licenced taxi and rental business in Birmingham.

This group also runs a nearly 600 taxi hire company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with our Vietnam Taxi. Its second taxi acquisition, a Saigon General Service Corporation JV named ComfortDelGro Savico Taxi, will operate more than 300 cabs, a call center and a repair shop that will repair and maintain the taxi collection.

ConfortDelGro is a publicly traded personal transportation operator with a global vehicle fleets of more than 38,700 people. The Comfort Group and DelGro Corporation were both publicly traded overland transportation firms with their beginnings in the early 1970s. ConfortDelGro is quoted on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The business areas of comfortDelGro are taxi, coach, rail, rent and lease cars, automobile technology and servicing, inspections, testing and appraisal as well as driver training, assurance broking and field advert.

Both SBS Transit Ltd and VICOM Ltd are Singapore Stock Exchange quoted affiliates. The SBS Transit is Singapore's biggest provider of local government busses with a total of more than 2,400 busses and trams servicing more than 2 million customers per day. It is also Singapore's biggest taxi company with more than 17,000 cabs.

Access Security: Initially, the system forwards all incoming call to an automatic telephone company that lets you choose between the last two pick-up points, saving you one stage in the proces. Talking to the support representatives on the telephone was a fast and hassle free one.

One way or another, the taxis were quickly allocated each and every one in less than three minutes. Get in. It took two moments for most of the taxis to arrive at my pick-up point. I am not sure about you, but in my personal opinion the Comfort taxi is becoming more and more roomy (the newer taxis). I have a good idea of the comfort cabins in general.

On the other hand, the other extremity, mostly the older riders, is to go really slow and stay on the motorways in the right hand side of the road. Once there was an event, when this old thin nephew was driving about 60km/h, when there was no car in front of him!

Hey, folks, let's not be too tough with the cabbies, shall we? Contrary to the good old times, taxi riders today have to hit like a horseshoe just to get their rent and for their gas. For me it seems like a terrible task considering how much cash taxi riders make now and what kind of attitudes they get from angry people.

Although I am not particularly happy about the increase in taxi fees, I realised that it was only unavoidable. But how do you expect taxi riders to survive if they don't ask higher rates under all this price increases and rising cost? When you want a good taxi ride, get in the taxi with a big grin, give clear instructions and have courteous conversations.

Don't forgive the taxi drivers when you have reached your goal. I' m going to publish this as a general comment, because I' m not only aiming at comfortable taxis, but at all taxi drivers in Singapur. I would say the beginning of the new year was last evening after the count down we went drinking on the round street, afterwards we thought by going down to the lu al sat zat, there will be more taxis, so we went down and wait, we wait for about 2 whole Stunden lang, and no taxi in view, all taxis are either on call or rented, and the best part of the "rented" taxis, there is nobody in there.

There are more taxi cars, doesn't seem to be that way, there shouldn't be anything done against the riders who deliberately put their callsigns on call and make the additional $4, because when we eventually got a taxi, the taxi got there in less than 1 minute, which means that he either happened to be serving the area, or he's "camping" in the area when we got into the taxi, I didn't give the rider any bookings,

I asked him how come that you taxi driver are all on call, and when he was like the defense of those taxi driver, say we don't have when I was like, it's because you driver want to make the additional $4 right, and he just kept calm afterwards, maybe my sound was hard enough abstract, plus abstract the drunkenness in him, but I'm still austere enough to rationalize the rationale behind this whole thing, work ethics are everywhere mauled, it should be one for taxis as well.

Taxis are killin' my purse now that it leaps $0.20 every goddamn case instead of the old $0.10. A further criticism of Comfort (and all other taxi businesses in Singapore in general) is that there are either too many or no taxis on the streets.

All of a sudden all empty taxis on the street vanish in a magical way. Do they wait for frantic clients to call the taxi reservation number? What to do, you have to take a taxi and the taxi drivers have to make a livin, still they have to give you a salary, but probably they have to think about it before taking a taxi.

Hopefully the offer of cabs will stabilize with lower demands (i.e. not every man just enters as a taxi driver) so that taxi riders can continue to achieve a reasonable level of revenue. I just won't call the Comfort Taxi number. You keep saying that your chauffeurs have no right to decline reservations, but I still see "on demand" cabs driving everywhere on CBD, and yet I can't take a taxi!

And I don't know if it's because they modified their system, now I can't get to the automatic line and always have to sit waiting for the server. UND the user is also occupied and cannot answer my call. I have a comfort taxi and my father is a comfort taxi rider, but I rarely take taxis (unless he drives me free).

He' got to be paying over $900 a wk in taxi hire, so I reckon that would explain why taxi rates are getting more costly. A taxi is only necessary if I have to take my pet to the veterinarian, the nearest airports or to go to the shops. Taxi driver are usually kind and supportive.

However, some comfort riders like to take a longer road to generate additional revenue. Comfort Bookings Helpline is automatic and I like it. All in all, the taxi driver is fine with comfort. In the KL I saw taxi riders who are just terrible, impolite and hungry.

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