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Land transport at Union Station. From London Taxicab, Mini Cab Transfers Airports Reaching the airports at the beginning of your vacation and bringing them to your end destinations upon arrival is far less challenging than you can possibly think. At all times, we offer you a stress-free and trouble-free trip that allows you to unwind after or before a trip.

Upon collection from Devon Cars International Park, our chauffeur will wait inside the Devon Cars International Park on arrival in a dedicated area to welcome you and accompany you to your vehicle. All our riders are kind and extremly courteous and have a lot of experience at the helm. Professionals, well-trained riders, they will always provide the best possible services by offering excellent value for your money. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

It is always a good idea to reserve the rental in advance on-line. We' ll make your on-line reservation as fast and simple as possible, whether you are in London or abroad. Our encoded reservation system allows you to make your reservation on-line and make you instantly comfortable. Choose from our various vehicles, which we offer from limousines, MPVs and mini buses that can carry up to 16 passenger and more.

20 min after landing, our guide will arrive at the destination and wait for you.

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The waiting period begins five (5) minute after your arriving at the shipping point. There is no waiting period for a timely reaction to a shipment. Waiting period calculated while the taxi is stopping or slowing to less than ten (10) mph for more than sixty (60) seconds. Waiting period calculated for a delay or stop in the passengers' line.

$8.75 for every fifteen (15) minute or so thereafter, or a split thereof. Groups or carpooling: On arrival of each person at the final point, the price due shall be payable by the passengers who leave the cab. Extra airport charge or charge: If available, the same amount will be invoiced as what was used.

You will find all our rent als on the mezzanine level near the entry to the multi-storey park. Business Center Washington, DC. Business Center Washington, DC. Approach via the Union Station multi-storeycar park. Approach via the Union Station multi-storey-car park. Approach via the Union Station multi-storey garage. Everyday shuttle from Washington DC to New York.

Entrance via Union Station multi-storey car park. Accessible from Union Station car park. Express Services from Washington, DC to New York. Accessible from Union Station car park. Express from Washington, D.C. to New York, Atlanta, Dallas and beyond. Entrance via the Union Station multi-storey car park.

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