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Phoenix clean air cabin

The Air Cab is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Clean Cab helps Phoenix to become more environmentally friendly - and for less! "We have these beautiful blue taxis and the kind of customers who respect us and treat us well. Latest tweets from Clean Air Cab (@CleanAirCabAZ). We are the best taxi Phoenix has to offer!

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The Phoenix Metro Area Second in the Nation with a Full Fleet of Climate Neutral Taxis, Clean Air Cab First in Arizona

Whereas a Washington D.C. cab company was the first in the country to have an eco-friendly cab hire last year, Arizona's Clean Air Cab is the first eco-friendly cab in Arizona and the Southwest and will serve the Phoenix metropolitan area. Whilst many customers are expecting to be paying more for environmentally friendly options that help the world, Clean Air Cab's prices are slightly lower than those of its rivals.

100 per cent of the vehicle population consists of hybrids. Ford Crown Victoria's, which has been used by taxi businesses for a long time, emits about 160% more fuel than the Clean Air Cab hybrids. Buying emission allowances to balance their emission, Clean Air Cab goes the additional mile looking for a CO2 print by subsidising the growing of tree in Brazilian rainforests.

No other cabin servicing is available in a condition that is completely climate-neutral or averse. Every months the firm is planning to plan 10 plants for each cabin in operation and has already planned 260 for the October period. Celebrating the opening of its hybrids door to the general public with a 26-cabin ribbon-cutting event on 20 October 2009, Clean Air Cab is planning to expand its aircraft to over 200 cabins.

Estimates suggest that a total of 26 conventional cabs would generate about 1800 tonnes of GHGs per year. The Clean Air Cab 26 cab fleet will not generate [tons of GHG]. Customers can make a Clean Air Cab booking at or by phone at 480.777.9777 or at

Services are provided Valley-wide. How does it mean to be "climate neutral" and "climate neutral"? "According to Wikipedia, climate-neutral behaviour means reaching net zero climate pollutants by offsetting a measurable amount of emitted CO2 with an equivalised amount that is segregated or balanced. A lot of businesses and individual consumers buy CO2 compensation to reduce their own GHG emission from transport, power consumption and other resources.

There is now an evolving tendency, with the recent tendency for businesses to become climate neutral, for some businesses to go further in their sustainable development effort and become CO2 negatively by balancing more than 100% of their CO2 outcomes. Clean Air Cab is Arizona's first CO2-negative taxi cab company.

It' s missions are to make it accessible and comfortable for everyone to become lush by providing lush cabins at lower prices than conventional cabin options. In October 2009, the environmentally compatible transport operator will launch a 26 Toyota Prius aircraft line, currently the most economical hybrids on the road.

Ford Crown Victoria's, the traditional taxi company, emit about 160% more fuel than the Toyota Prius. Toyota Prius also provides an additional 33 mile per gal of gasoline - a saving of nearly 1,000 mile per gal across the entire Toyota family. Besides significantly reducing CO2 emission and improving operational performance of the aircraft Clean Air Cab buys CO2 compensation and promotes worldwide afforestation by subsidising the plantation of 10 rainforest plants per month for each cabin in operation.

To learn more about Clean Air Cab, please go to or call (480) 777-9777.

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