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Review reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about SriLankan Airlines. SriLankan Airlines Customer Service Warning - Air Travel Forum On a trip from Sydney to London two and a half week ago, SriLankan Airlines destroyed our bags and made it almost impractical for us to get in touch with them and get spare bags. Our e-mail two and a half week ago to the website's main e-mail account did not give more feedback than a Sri Lankan staff member who was forwarded by us to another person despite receiving e-mails.

However, the organisation to which they are delegating the distribution of UK hold luggage has told us that we need to get in touch directly with SrkiLankan as they are again entitled to do something. However, I think that many of these questions really have more to do with the fact that UL - relatively speaking - is a small (he) carriers - and as such tends to neutralize its management structures at its global headquarters and not at any railway or even local area.

Again, none of this means that it's okay to break pockets - and I'm not sure if the break is UL-liae damaged - but that the thought of knowing UL, I think it's more about being conscious of some of the restrictions on handling smaller shippers versus large freighters globally.

Safe to travel, how much of your baggage did you do? So please e-mail us at with your tickets number at so that we can investigate further. We have our own holiday with them who fly from London to Colombo and later to Male from Colombo and they have also destroyed my wife's baggage.

Checking the baggage was broke, so I have to confirm that. Actually, I said to them that it was on their planes because we fly with them twice and we have no problems with the baggage. By the time we got to London from Male, the baggage was even more damaged, we are sure that they did it with harbour porpoises.

They remove both plastic materials from those where the load is in a standing vertically positioned from a Samsonite New. Sometimes your belongings get corrupted. Every projecting part, wheel, handle, zipper and trailer is particularly susceptible to being pinched, cracked or shredded at the rear-end. It is very doubtful that an official of the airports or airlines intentionally damage your bag.

As soon as a figure is fractured, the probability of worsening is higher. Well, I don't know what you mean by baggage racks. On reading the contract of carriage with your carrier, it states what it will and will not be responsible for. It' s not clear what happend to your pockets, but I wouldn't prevent to fly an air carrier because the pockets were corrupted by someone.

The majority of bag handlers do not even work directly for the airlines. Baggage is managed by our personnel at the airports. Deliberately attributing harm to someone is really exaggerated. The baggage was broke, so I have to subscribe to a confirmation so that I don't receive any complaints about baggage that was corrupted at the beginning / check-in.

It doesn't matter to the check-in agents. Baggage was corrupted during check-in. When we come from Male to London, the baggage was even more broken>>> As soon as there is a loss, it tends to get larger. Hello, I appreciate the problems with arriving in Male-- but -- I think there's a good excuse why a shipper won't allow bag property damages *after* you've left the aerodrome bonus....

In this way I consent that a once broken pouch will largely only get even worst - so it is not good, if possible at all, to keep using a broken pouch, but..... WHEN you have documentary - such as photographs - that can confirm and "timestamp" when and where the photographs were taken, of the alleged damages, I think you *possibly* might have a Chance of a Complaint.....but I think, since you probably didn't keep the due date, that any opportunity you have would be lean, at best very lean....

The static realities are that the vast vast number of people and pockets that move around can do without any problems.... I' d see if you have coverage by any insurance policies you may have and see if you have any documents that can help you with a stagnant date of loss event with the sponsor.

Srilankan Airlines completely corrupted my luggage and they took the corrupted one and want to substitute it with lower makes. They only offer US $ 100 for a luggage value of US $ 200 (I bought a new one of the same make for US $ 200).

Have you checked with your trip insurer?

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