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We' ve just added Uber as one of our Conne. Where can I get an invoice? You can read reviews and complaints about Uber, including availability in different cities, mobile app features, affordable prices, driving safety and more.


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Tops 1,082 Ratings and complaints about Uber

Ueber drivers paused, then left without explaining and canceled my journey when he saw that my grandma was in a chair. About has no telephone number for support. Usually it will take 4-5 workingdays to get an answer. I still get my over bank accounts hacked even though I took the application off my mobile month ago.

I' m getting cheated debits from my plastic, but I can't get Uber to help me. All I want is for them to cancel my entire bankroll so I don't have to keep getting new credits. Many taxis are booked via the Uber Ap. While some of my recent adventures were good, others were poor, my recent adventures with Uber were just a hassle.

because she wasn't doing well in the evenings, so I was booking on a taxi. At first it took 10-15 minutes to get me connected to a rider when my pick-up point is very close to the road (less than 1 km).

Secondly, even if the application put me through to this rider by the name of Mr. **, whose number is **. He was so impolite that I'm not a client, but a penniless guy who asks him for a ride.

He arrived 7 min. when I was booking the taxi, but also 10-12 min. later. However, when he came to pick him up, he said that he could not come because he simply passed this area and did not want to come into this area now. Then I asked him why he took this motion from me when I was booking the taxi, he said he was not conscious of the place of delivery because he had not shown it at its end.

First and foremost, how is it possible that when we reserve a taxi, the other individual is unable to see our target location, which the application asks us at the very beginning of a taxi reservation, and if there is a limitation that it only gives half the information about a customer's enquiry, then how the hell can this deal work?

Second, let's put all things aside, but when I said to them both that I have to go to the infirmary, then where their humanitarianism is, they can't be serious about that fact and this once they have to find a way to fulfil their duties.

Once I've checked my journey, my final location is entirely inaccurate. Terrible custody work. Uber's client services suck. I had trouble applying for a journey where the system was faulty twice, but was blocked from my bank because of your mistake. NULL reply from support for the second consecutive year, even if you follow your instructions on-line.

Poor for doing business when travelers try to use the services for the first times on holiday. In the end, I had to use the cabs. It' over 12 hour advanced and STILL no reply from Uber. {\pos (192,210)}How do I know that I can rely on these ratings about Uber? Everything is okay as a chauffeur, but as a chauffeur, this firm is the greatest fraud of all times.....

I ordered a Uber-Auto in June to meet someone at Marseille station and take them to an airport one hours away. 02 euro ($742. 47 CA), which say that the trip was at a busy period. All hell will break loose before I use Uber again. On my European trip I spend more than 500 Euro with Uber.

You overestimated 25% of the journeys I made in comparison to the rate given in the telephone application after the journey was over. I' ve been trying to get over a months on my cell in. It'?s a complete flop, worthless client services. 15 September 2018, I ordered a journey and was taken up by Edwin who was riding a Toyota Corolla.

Journey was given at $11.45. I tried to order another trip later in the night and got the news that I owe 35 dollars. I' ve asked for a ticket price check because the early bird riding is a frequent dialysis trip, 3 nights a week and $11.45 in the area.

Today I got a note saying that the rider has told me about a clutter and 2 images have been made available to me...no clutter is displayed and I know that a clutter was not made because I had nothing to do with it. I' ve just got a note that they take these things seriously and they have checked my bank details and the driver's bank details and cannot reimburse the cost of clean-up.

There are 77 vouchers that I cannot use until this charge is made. The only thing I have with Uber is that they offer you a rate when you finish your journey and the rate is different later on. Of course, I began using a ticket just for them, which is how I found out and if you checked your reception, it's waiting period or congestion charge and charges.

I' ve been spending far too much of my life today creating our Uber for Business bankroll, as several people from our business will be travelling. Sounds like a great idea, but after I got everything up and running, I was told they needed three working day to get our bank in. Nobody mentioned it anywhere and we have been using Uber separately for a long while.

Thus the accounts are disabled and we are using another supplier who seems to take much more notice of them. I have been using Uber on contract for the firm I work for since February 2016 to plan trips for our customers in the city. I couldn't get their system to agree to a single transaction after two corporate tickets, a PayPal bankroll, and several tries to make payments through the application and the Mac.

I' ve checked with my local banking office to confirm that it's not the map. Uber has no records of them. And the number that everyone keeps pointing me back to is 884-324-2346 for support. Talking to a representative about the problem, she said she couldn't help me.

So my answer was similar, unless you can direct me to someone who can help me buy these vouchers, or an alternative way to get them, I appreciate you've done what you can. Said they couldn't find my query. Wasn' answered, so I leave a note.

Overall I like Uber very much, but it seems impossibly to get help if something happens. I had my bank statement compromised and the attacker committed cheating and debited 800 soldes and over when I said it was debited too. With my 800 solo and all the evidence I provided, they consented to give the funds back, and they erroneously sent it to an unidentified bank that did not belong to me, even though I remembered them about my real bank and now when I was updating all my information, they asked to draw for 2 month, and now when I was angry, they chose not to give my funds back and blocked my bankroll.

Trying to include my child in my Uber bankroll, I encountered a number of issues. I' m in CROYDON, PA, and my daughter's in Philadelphia, PA. I' ve got a girl who needs the Uber to come back and forth to work. There' no support I can call, so I'm up against a damn bot.

The robot says they removed the restriction from my bankroll. Attempting to use Uber again, my daugther gets one: "Oops, something's gone awry! About needs an account manager, not a robot, to have happy clients! About is a big one! to take us from a Canal Street diner to the West Village.

Drivers pulled over in the wrong place. and he shouted, "I know what I'm doing. Then, as a polite gesture, he said he wouldn't calculate the NJ supplement. "One crossing took about eight and a half mins. Operator was Spaniard. After 3hrs you will receive an e-mail about taking $80 out of my Visa credit or debit cards.

Looks like the driver's saying I took a hit three ours later. That' s Uber's cleanup charge, then I find out that the rider was probably a **, but I phoned, lodged a grievance, but that's a fraud all over Uber. I' ve been driving for 3 years for Uber and I fight all the time to get them to set the rates or my trips go away forever.

I' ve never been paid over for a trip by mistake before. Client support is a hoax. By listing how many mile I' ve driven in one trip, they're always less than what I' ve actually driven with my own built-in satellite navigation system.

Chauffeurs have to bear the high costs, and most travellers are paying so much for the trip that they don't want to tip over. Calling a traveller who I often have to pick up for instructions, I get a very different traveller with a Uber bank transfer who has not ordered a trip.

The last call when this was happening was to a Uber rider in a completely different state who was on the road. Well, I wouldn't be recommending this firm to anyone as a rider or passengers. Use Lyft if you want good services. I drove for them too and in 3 years I had no problems at all as a rider.

About constantly pulls the gain off the riders by altering their rules. Throughout every passing months, ways are found to alter their rules to be less kind to the riders they call mates. Whatever services I offer them, they are conscious that today thousands of other riders are registered, and if I don't like it, I can go.

It must be called to account and show its esteem and value to the driving forces behind its company. Asked for a transfer from the beachside motel to the shore about 45 minutes driving time. Somebody else had taken my trip. In order to inflict an offence of violation, I could not ask for another berber until this trip was finished, and I was paid for it!

Still no answer from Uber, I wonder how long it will take them to answer. Obviously, the trucker didn't check who he was picking up. Drivers took me to the wrong place - and claimed I had given them the incorrect adress. I' ve put the adress into the application, but it is preset to a different adress (Thanks, About).

Uber I loathe. It is advisable to get into the vehicle and verify the requested location with the precise road contact at the wheel. It' s no wonder that Uber is at the front line in the development of automated technologies... they are all there. Uber application will provide several alternative targets when you enter the target number.

We don't take responsibilities. Take it easy on Uber. A former UberEats rider, this business has HORRIBLE client services and most agents do not understand English. You' re having problems with your application all the time and as an UberEats drivers your travels are lost on a regular basis and you have to struggle with your hands and feet for your lack of cash if you want to even do it.

Clients and cafes are all nice and fantastic, but Uber agents and the firm suck, as does their salary. Then when he saw us at last, he left and cancelled the trip by billing me $13 and still billed me plus a $5 charge for going around.

This is not what I want to happen to other folks, I want you all to be clear about what an over-driver does. My car was connected to my car for deposit purposes, but after my trip on 08.09.2018 the rider asked me to make payment and I said that I connected my car.

It' deducted from my ticket and the chauffeur said, "I'm not getting any pay. They' re pulling off my map now, too. Turning to Uber's Help Centre, they said that currency that had been converted outside the Uber system could not be collected, so we could not take it into consideration and the adaptation would not be refunded.

I' ve been working for Uber for a whole month, I've tried to cash out my money, it won't allow me, I've been calling tech supp and every single individual has a good point why I can't get my money. Nobody who has no other source of revenue would be recommended to go with Uber.

I' ve ordered an over for work on 08/28/18. Well, I was telling him where to put the car. Then I had it rearranged so that I got the same rider Richard Kia Soul **. So if I call support about the application, as she says, they don't give a damn! I' m all right, unless you try to call off ajourney.

Oh, I mistakenly took a vacation. and within 30 seconds and he didn't cancele it. Drivers didn't call it off. Eventually he said to call it off after he had reached my goal. So I scrolled through each section of the Uber application and tried to find out how to stop this drive even after contacting the rider and finding nothing.

After an intense web research that tried to find an 800 number to call Uber directly and was not successful, I eventually did an on-line quest and was informed by a web page about how to void a trip...to click on a small image of the rider to click on the void icon. $13.37 was billed to me for the driver's driving hours because he didn't call off the drive and I had no clue or information on how to call it off myself.

You have a break key that is very easily seen and found, even for beginners. When they charge a passenger and have no account or information that will be posted in the help section of a Uber application to reverse a trip, it is not fair to even charge a client, and I believe they will eventually face a lawsuit if they keep running their system without a telephone number and without a backup to be able to reverse a trip.

If you want to change your mind, the only way to change your mind is to type in the driver's picture, which is very small at the bottom of the page. If you touch the driver's photograph while scrolling down, you will find instructions to cancelling. I' ve seen the Uber commercials where they say they are doing backgrounds check for the security of their passengers.

Well, I had an event in 2011 and they recruited me in 2017, had me set up my lifestyle to ride and assist my kid and my girlfriend, and out of nowhere ran a back office scan and shut my bank and I have a 5 stars score and I just think it's not fair and they should have taken good care of it before they recruited me.

August 26 I bought a crossing in Bangalore (car detail is for Babu who drives a Swift Dzire.) The guy was a swine and he let me get out of the truck in the street. Actually, I even phoned the cop number from the phone call and filed a claim against the rider.

The Uber representative named Rishi had the boldness to write me an e-mail in which he said that Uber will disable my bankroll because I behaved badly..... Let me understand this now, I am a woman who behaves badly towards an ignorant, ignorant locals chauffeur who is a man..... Ummm About I wish you'd stop the service in India. When I visited Nashville for a gig on August 25, I was planning a crossing at the indicated price (iPhone App) of $21.**.

When I arrived, I gave the chauffeur a tip in money, and we got out of the car. Informing me that there was a surging charge available (of which I had never heard) and that it is basically usable when there are very few passengers available, based on the number of passengers who need a trip. Allegedly, the truck operator is told about the overvoltage charging before he accepts or rejects the trip, but it wasn't me.

They just said, "$21. **" Then they calculated $79.72. In the future, I will use Uber opponents on a routine basis, if available, then taxi cabs, unless it is expensive, then Uber as a last resort. What is more, I will use taxi cabs as a last resort. Your company will not be able to offer you a taxi.

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