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Downtown Cab Co. is a taxi company in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Properties of the GTA V Story mode. Place Vinewood East, Tangerine Street:

Severe Car 5 Thievery - Why Does The Downtown Cab Company Not Make Moneys?

This wiki doesn't say that incidents like the ones you described can affect whether the taxi company can earn income or not. I' m not sure how long "age" is, as you said, but it can be assumed that you should make 2,000 dollars a weeks (playing time) for Franklin. My advice is to take notice of how much Franklin has in his pocket and wait a whole weekend (in game) and see if his money goes up by $2,000.

If you own a GTAV real estate, you will receive money in your GTAV banking accounts every Wednesday. Franklin receives $2,000 a dollar a weekly from the Downtown Cab Company and provides him with a free taxi-rate. There' no need why downtown cab co wouldn't pay you every single dollar.

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Soooooo, after completing GTA 5 on the PS4, I went on a little expense tour and purchased all the real estate and as Franklin, the last one I purchased was Downtown Cab Co, fully conscious that there was a prize associated with it...after doing this on the 360 release last year, I knew that I had to await a call from Raul...HOW, there hasn't been any such call yet.

Now I have been saving many savings to push forward my timing, in fact, Franklin is probably approaching death, the amount I have put forward to date, and still no call, I have uploaded a prior shot that gave me the missions, but no trophies, so nothing good. I' ve searched the boards and it seems that this is actually a frequent malfunction, one that is corrected by purchasing the Tow Company after the Cab Company, great.... except that I pronounce this first!

I have no more idea how to fix this, and after getting the Space Ship Part Trophy Glitch, I start to think that this play is a fucked up shit. Has anyone... please... a solution to that so I can keep working on my PG award? Also, I understand that this is actually a issue for both of them, so XB1 user, you may have classified information that could help, please tell me everything you know!

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