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Check out cheap flights and last minute flight deals with Alaskan Airlines. Please visit our updated Alaska Airlines Deals page for details of the latest sale. and] we now have an airport brand, a website, a mobile app and a call center. Often they offer free checked baggage when the flights are full, which I really appreciate.

"There was an unhappy seat mix-up this week-end. The full LGBTQ equivalence is a value that we divide... "

It' nicknamed discriminatory. Her " unhappy event " was not due to a seat failure, but to discriminatory behaviour. You apologized to him in person and reimbursed the airfare. The pair declared that they were together and the stewardess still asked them to move, so it's okay. Let's listen to the history of Alaska.

I have been piloting your company for years, but I will not accept this approach and behaviour. Homosexual couples were taken off their chairs and the chairs were given to "heterosexual" couples?! Though Cooley said he was protesting that the two men were also a pair and wanted to be seated together, he said the operative persisted that his travelling partner either had to move to train or get off the aircraft.

I' m an exclusiv businessman on @AlaskaAir and if that ever happens to my man and me, we would be humiliated! Of course, I realize that there' s a lot of booking over, but as soon as the flight hostess got an explanation, there shouldn't have been a doubt. I' m accepting a serious move! Then why did the escort point out "couples"?

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Alaska Airlines was going to be hell for me. They were very non-professional and impolite to the travelers. I had to call off 54 to go to Alaska, because it's not within the data I can do. Alaska Airlines is disgusting me as a lifetime Alaska.

The Alaska Airlines has removed all authorities from the front line to make choices that actually make business sense and make faithful (lifelong) clients appreciate themselves. What can you do to declare that you are not forgoing a $50 charge so that someone who flies on full-price Seattle days for emergency health care (bought on the same date as one-way tickets) will depart two hour early to get home to their kid - no abandoned pockets - so you can earn your little $50?

It would have been easy for me to get on a not full airplane, but instead I wait another two hrs for the next one. Alaska Airlines has no problem with your back, no check-in luggage. Reception staff just spat out your "guidelines" - like small vending machines. It' no wonder that your pilot and cabin crew are dissatisfied and just make a good face on things, because they know that negotiating to reduce and compensate their advantages is the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, many of us in Alaska have no option but to go to Alaska Airlines. Because I am fortunate to work and every few months go from Honolulu to Portland, I wanted to give Alaska another opportunity. I' ve tried the same plane three flights now, from now on only Hawaiian.

Every three laps too slow from the goal to solve anything mechanically. Stinking old airplane, disgusting! Airplane was an hours too late. Well, I'm sorry. She arrived and said that we had to get out of the airplane so that those with other lines could do it. Aeroplane was landing, but the door wasn't there!

with 25 men in line. You got another option, take it. In every way, Alaska is far below that of Hawaiian. Actually, staff at gates abandoned me as the last one to help after taking everyone else on board, because they knew I wouldn't be making my only connection trip of the afternoon.

Did I have the courage to ask myself, "Final response, you're not getting on the airplane? "Supervisor Nicole has transferred me to Delta as she showed rage at the times with me. However, I did print out a new Delta ticketing where I said she didn't do it right and I would have to go from Alaska 6 to Delta 2 at LAX to fix it, then I just leave myself behind.

August 3 Alaska Air says they will reimburse my ticketing cash due to horrible previous days incidents as I was beached 3hrs from home and spent $74 on a shuttles to get to the next city to my house which was an additional 1hr away. After calling CARBAGUE, they said that they would take it from Lewiston Idaho to Seattle and on Monday, August 6, to my home, and that they would take it to my house.

From Friday, August 11th I had no novelties and phoned again, no claims had been made and my purse was now in the breeze. Calling directly to Lewiston Luggage, I checked that my luggage was there on August 3, but from Friday, August 10, it was now over. Melody, the head luggage officer, phoned the locations and nobody knows where they are.

Every single call I make to a so-called superior and talk to him sends me in a different way while he completely shifts and redirects the responsibilities! I' ll always guide everyone away from Alaska Air. Alaska Airlines was flying a " Businessprint " from Seattle to New York. So unhappy we were, I've never taken a less good ride.

lt was a real cruelty. Where do I know I can rely on these ratings on Alaska Airlines? For 25 min I was delayed because I had been awaiting my last plane on July 26 (Ontario to Seattle) for a wheel chair. To compensate for the delay, the air hostess "TOLD ME & PROMISED" (this was recorded on her mobile phone) gave 2000 mile & $250 off my next plane ride for me & my spouse (she also waited).....

I just don't want the generality to believe what the Alaska Air staff is saying.... A friend of mine tells me that I should have a reservation with Alaska Airlines Flights and I do the same. I' ve had a beautiful time. From Alaska I travelled to Mexico, it was my first journey, so I was a little concerned, but to my amazement I encountered an incredible adventure.

Therefore, I suggest that you all book at least once with Alaska Airlines to enjoy a great outing. On 26.07.2018 we travelled with the Alaska 14 from Seattle to New Jersey EWR and had place # 20D, 20E, 20E, & 20F. Because of this persistent unpleasant odor over a long period of my life I have severe headaches.

We' ve been paid four one-way tariffs at $787. 88 per capita. Airlines' personnel did not comply with the directive because they did not ask for voluntary workers to give up their places before refusing to board. Due to the fact that the tickets didn't have a place to sit, we phoned twice to call Air twice and both occasions we were reassured that we don't have to be worried and the places at the airports will be allotted.

So we went to the next desk and the employee looked at our crew card and made sure that there were lots of places and that we would be allocated places at our doors. So we went to the ticket office, and then we were refused promotion.

As we said that he didn't while we were there, he said that he had been calling passengers one by one, asking them to give up chairs, which never occurred. According to the Directive, airlines cannot refuse carriage until they have registered for volunteering. Not until two and a half nights later did the airlines have a non-stop service and we had to call off our holiday.

It was the only occasion we could go on holiday because of our family's obligations, and we had been planning month in ahead. Writing to Air Alaskan's client services, I asked them to reimburse us for the free hours we spent at work and the last minutes cancellation fees, hotels, taxis, health insurances.

There is no claim for reimbursement for the disillusionment, the effort and exasperation we went through, the amount of telephone and air travel we took to plan this holiday..... I receive only one answer after several e-mails, stating that the airlines were adequately remunerated and were not concerned with staff behaviour and compliance.

And my kids travelled alone and were abandoned to leave the airplane. Leaving the LAX car park, I got a call from a desperate stewardess asking me to fill in the paperwork saying that she had brought my kids "personally" to me. After I complained to the airlines about the risk to kids, 6 week later I got an answer saying that the kid released version was actually autographed by me and that I was a liar. What I did get was that I was not in a position to do anything about it.

DO NOT ALLOW YOUR KIDS TO GO ALONE WITH THEM. I made this reservations only 2 hrs before the flying season, but no one told me that there was a trouble with the flights at the BFS, so I had to take a bus from San Jose International when I booked the tickets and I didn't know that until I checked in.

Half of the passengers on the aircraft didn't even know about it until the cabin crew spoke about it shortly before takeoff. By the time I got to San Jose International I had no shuttle service, first there were two small delivery trucks that could accommodate only 6-8 inmates. As there were guys who had to take the connecting flights at the BFS, they went first and I had to delay for more than an hours.

So when I phoned client services and asked for reimbursement because I didn't get the full first rate deal for what I was paying for, they said there will be no reimbursement because it wasn't their fault. What they said was that there would be no reimbursement because it wasn't theirs. I' m wasting my fucking precious fucking hours, my fucking dollars and my fucking power. Do you think I've spent more than $300 just for the 30 minute pleasure on the plane and I'm going through a catastrophe for the remainder of my trip to the SFO?

When Alaska calculates higher prices for more comfortable flying time, it changes the departures into unbelievably unfavourable travel routes with no explanations and no compensations! And to make matters even more serious, we phoned our support team and talked to a superior (Missy from Seattle). First thing she did was profiling us as Virgin America clients quite literally (we were before the merger), which indicates that we have inappropriate needs towards Alaska clients!

Eventually she accepted to give us a rebate for our next journey, which is pointless as we will never be flying Alaska again, but never sent us the e-mail with the rebate number! I' d be very careful how Alaska does its job and how it handles its clients. was the Alaskaquisition.

We' ve travelled with this carrier twice. On both occasions we had negative experience. Alaska Airlines' operators were so sluggish and inefficient (how else would you describe the work of all 3 operators at the 3 counters?) The line increased by almost 10 min per client and just over 30 min.

Several times we asked other AA staff members to rush and help us because we ran out of work. They said we didn't have an ETA, so we couldn't get on the plane anyway. However, if they had worked on the management in a reasonable amount of timely fashion, we would have had enough elapsed order the ETA, which normally only lasts a few moments.

They hadn' given us much thought, but they hadn't given us much thought. Due to their lack of competence we were deprived of several thousand US Dollar in booking internationally as well as valuable times, appointments and hassle for our team. Overall, we will do our best to prevent AA and get the message across - you want your friend and relatives to have better travelling experience than our youngest.

There was a 7:30 plane on the way. Bad experiences of all time. The cabin crew were very anxious and did not show any emotion. On Friday, June 15th, the whole San Francisco Seattle host families were flying to Seattle for a big Delta Airlines meeting, and we never had any trouble with our Delta Airlines flights.

However, driving home from Seattle via ALASKA AIR to SFO on Sunday (17 June) was a terrible and exhausting one! However, when my brothers print out all 7 of our 7 tickets on the Sunday of our return to San Francisco last Sunday, only 5 had allocated a number to their seats, while my husband's and mine remained empty.

A gangway elevator came very slowly; much, much later, after the floor keeper said that disabled persons and young child care homes could go on boards. The floor woman gave my nurse a posture after my nurse remembered her for the second consecutive reminder of the wheel chair she was requesting for her mother. I and my man observed the groom calling the occupants to the boarding area and saw the 5 members of the crew go on when each of them beckoned and said, "We'll see you on the airplane.

On several occasions, between the zones, my man and I approached the same floor woman to ask if she could give us our seating numbers, and all those occasions we were asked to stand aside and asked to name our name. Desperately and frustrated, we saw the Alaska Airlines' 1756 plane that went to San Francisco on June 17 at 5:50 p.m. closing and leaving me, my man, and another retaliated traveller who was also disconnected from his two members of his immediate families on that one.

Having tried several occasions to ask us to find us a seat for a return aircraft to the FSO the same evening, the distanced woman told us that the only available aircraft she could put us on would be for the next morning at 10:30 a.m. We said that this would NOT be reasonable as my man and I both would have to be at work the next morning (Monday) and that my man has an important appointment on that Monday so it is absolutely necessary that we return home that Sunday evening.

Besides, we didn't anticipate that such a poor event would occur, so we didn't put any additional medication in for Monday as we were expecting to be home by Sunday evening. Over and over again the companion said that this was the only available plane she could give us - 10:30 the next day.

Following long pleas and arguments at the bar, another woman (we believe she is much higher in rank) came to the bar and began to help the groom who was initially involved with us. Only then did it become clear to us that the Floorwoman, who had been assisting us all along, didn't have much previous knowledge or must have been a new hire when we happened to hear her tell the senior employees that she didn't know she could go into her second and third screen to look for available airlines.

Nearly 2 hrs after sitting at the Gate D2 desk at Seattle Airfield, awaiting a transfer to the SFO for a return trip home in the same evening, the high-ranking escort found enough space for a 21:20 plane to Oakland Airfield this Sunday and happened to hand over our credentials and a small cheque to my man to help make up for our problems.

Although we were found in the same evening and received some small reimbursement, we still would have preferred NOT to be repelled by our initial 17:50 plane so that we could be on the same plane with the remainder of our family: plane concerned about me and my man beached in Seattle, especially my 96 year old mom; NO work to be missed the next morning; and NOT so much stressful and excitement about the whole torture of Alaska Airlines' poor passenger services of booking a plane over and killing off airline guests.

Truly, I have never experienced such a stressing flying adventure until this recent Alaska Airlines trip, I will not be recommending this carrier until its policies of booking over and staffing incompetence and rudeness have been solved. You have just missed 7 prospective return passangers, and perhaps more, as we have spoken to all our families and acquaintances about our poor experiences with Alaska Air.

It was the most horrible thing of my lifetime to travel with Alaska Airline from Seattle to DFW. 78-year-old individual and persons who have been paying additional monies to be members of the TSA have not received the TSArecheck. After all, Alaska Airline altered the gateway number three and a half time in the last two hours.

So much going and switching the floor with baggage and a toddler and then getting on the plane to reach the designated door was also a terrible one! Terrible experiance!!!!!!! Wherever possible, never go with Alaska Airlines. Firstly, no one who talks like a blazing queer man should be permitted to make official Anchorage Airport announcement for an air carrier.

Now I know I was too late, of course, but they refuse to help me entirely, they have not even tried to find another plane for me, as I ask them. Got a Delta pass for exactly the same amount of my trip with Alaska and did it well. Of course they didn't give a reimbursement, because although I showed up at the moment that I could have made it to the plane, they used me as "no show".

This was my first and last Alaska Airlines flight training session. The Alaska Air is the largest carrier serving Alaska. Others have only a few daily departures. Alaska Air is always full, always overcrowded. I have a few advantages as an inhabitant of Alaska. A free pocket (inside Alaska). As a rule, flight times are punctual (within 10 minutes), but the connection to another Seattle carrier, normally the first outside stop should never be too near.

Alaska Air Board Room is very convenient (in Anchorage) and a daily travel card is available in a First-Class ticket. Alaska Airlines I use 2-3 a year and really enjoy to fly with them. Often they provide free hold luggage when the flight is full, which I really appreciate.

I flew at 8:35. Ten nautical miles before LAX the 105 halted, then once near the LAX was secured by roads, once in LAX it took 20 min alone to get to 6 terminals, where Alaska is, went in and hit the newsstand (no people in sight) and went to get my trailer printed for the purse I had already bought when I registered the previous one.

Got my embarkation card and am TSA pretcheck, so I thought I was good to go since the plane didn't go for an hour. What's going on? Looking around, I eventually discovered an Alaskan representative with a tray that helps those who came behind me as I tried to make the newsstand.

So when I came through the line to the desk, the Lord said to me that I was 10 min too late to deliver my purse, and he had to ask the door if it was okay. Well, he phoned and said to the woman that I was already registered and only had to hand in the satchel.

Can' t imagine a single moment when I let that down from anybody. Well, I volunteered to take the purse to the airplane myself. No one seemed to be worried that my journey was over. As I waited, I phoned 800 after sales and the woman just asked me to change my itinerary.

"Sorry to hear what happend to you on your plane to Maui. Contact Alaska about reimbursement and they responded that they would react within thirty working days to the overload instead of making an immediate reimbursement. Ticket and upgrades were bought directly from Alaska Airlines and they check the plane.

I should have received an immediate reimbursement - I am not a Alaska Airlines account. It is the third occasion last year that Alaska has been selling me premiums for a flight that didn't have premiums seats/services. Alaska Airlines essentially messed up our whole route, that we worked VERY harder to get them where we wanted them.

When I had a choise, I would tell Alaska Airlines to reverse this plane and push their carrier to where the weather doesn't work. Take the trouble to make provisions when they simply want to ignore them and make them as unhappy as possible. Alaska Airlines timetables.

However, I sincerely hopes that you will publicize this somewhere so that the whole passengers industry can see this and be conscious of what a bad carrier they are. Don't go flying with this carrier! This is the first stealing of objects from our hold luggage after 30 years of travelling internationally.

DON'T AS KA: DON'T GO WITH ALASKA AIRLINES!!!!!!!!!! You come also during the airplane and tell them about things we can see outside the airplane. Someone even gave us the option of when we wanted to depart, which brought us home 30 min earlier. From SFO to Cabo San Lucas, I book my air ticket 6 month before my date of departure.

About 2 and a half weeks before getting on, when I checked my ticket on-line, I realised that Alaska was booked too much and pushed me from the plane. Instead, they made a stop for me in Seattle. Not just 4 hrs added to the overall travelling season, but I had to get to the 3 o'clock in the morning at the international airpor.

Well, I phoned and made a complaint. Then I expressed my concerns on her page on Facebook, but my comment was flagged as spamming by Alaska. I' ve been told that they had good seating and good services, but none of that is important if they're not flying you on the plane you book. For your information only, for those who would like to use an Alaska visa for flying advantages.

Rates can be found for less on other air finder pages with much better flying time. A few people, for example, go abroad with Alaska and airline partners, which is not feasible. However, if you are looking for other travelling destinations, Alaska in the northwest is the best place for 1 st Leglight. I' m gonna use my balance and my mileage and then goodbye, goodbye, Alaska.

where to start with this carrier. Alaska is my home and I am unfortunately obliged to use this subordinate enterprise often. His prices are significantly higher than all the others and their seats are so inconvenient that I have to take a cushion with me to survive a three-hour ride.

To say nothing of their so-called accompanying business "discount". Imagine the fun, do your own research and see how the prices are exactly the same if you buy two cards or use the so-called rebate. To say nothing of the fact that I can use Travocity and get the same ticket at Alaska Airlines for $300 less.

lf you can stay away from this carrier. On 25.12.17 my daugther and my grandchild had a regular service from Portland to John Wayne Airport. As they passed through safety and were summoned to embark by Alaska Airlines, they were informed that the whole plane had been canceled.

Just her ride was canceled. The Alaskan Airlines logged-on these clients, although the reasons were that there was no one to de-ice the aircraft. Be ashamed of yourself for you Alaska Airlines... especially if you have been lying to your own people.

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