World Pass Airline Ticket

Airline World Pass Ticket

The SkyTeam World Pass RTW ticket is circled by SkyTeam Before Continental Airlines moved from the SkyTeam to the Star Alliance, the SkyTeam Round the World Pass was not the first airline RTW ticket between them. However, when you compare airline ticket prices around the world, it's always good to know all your choices - and if you're already a member of the SkyTeam airline loyalty program, it's a good thing to earn those RTW points on the bank you already have them on.

Please be sure to check out our SkyTeam Alliance review of airline ticket prices for TTW. Once you have used SkyTeam Alliance on your ticket to receive your return ticket, you can also rate yourself. Besides their loyal relationship with SkyTeam and its airline partners, the SkyTeam Round the World Pass focuses on where they are flying.

A lot of airline allies' TTW fares have average to poor cover in parts of the world where SkyTeam is the leader, so the SkyTeam Round the World Pass may be the best choice for you based on your travel history. Find out what you need to know about the SkyTeam Round the World Pass when you compare it with other round-trip ticket alternatives.

For what type of travellers is this ticket best suited? - A SkyTeam Round the World Pass is a good choice for travellers whose routes involve stopovers in Russia, Africa and China, as these are more likely places where other RTW airline ticketing is less covered. They are also suitable for RTW travellers who don't know what their exact travel plan will be, as you can make your ticket reservations during the course of the journey instead of initially making your whole journey and being compelled to either keep to it or make changes during the journey.

Which airline companies can I use this ticket with? - With a SkyTeam Round the World Pass, you can travel with any SkyTeam member airline or SkyTeam partner airline. Airflot, AeroMexico, AirEuropa, Air France, Alitalia, China Southern, Czech Airlines, Delta, Kenya Airways, KLM et Korea Air. For how long is the ticket validity when I begin my journey?

  • A SkyTeam Round the World Pass is valid for 12 month from the date of the first ticket on your SkyTeam Round the World Pass. What is the number of sections on this ticket? - The SkyTeam Round the World Pass allows you to make between 3 and 15 stop on your route. - No. What is the total number of kilometres I can collect on this ticket?
  • There are four different ticket types with the SkyTeam Round the World Pass, with four different running performance stages. To purchase a ticket, follow the steps below: Which limitations are there for this ticket? - Your SkyTeam Round the World Pass must travel one leg across the Atlantic and one across the Pacific.

They must still travel in one way (east or west) from area to area (SkyTeam-specified areas). Do you have any bonus that is associated with this ticket? - With a SkyTeam Round the World Pass, you don't have to travel the whole way, you just have to make the first booking of an intercontinental ticket - you can travel the remainder of your journey as you wish.

  • If you use surface transport from one aerodrome to another, this will count as a "flight" sector and the distances will also count for your overall performance. Where can I buy this ticket? - A SkyTeam Round the World Pass can be booked either through a SkyTeam agency or directly with one of SkyTeam's member companies.

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