Private Jet Flight Cost per Hour

Cost of private jet flights per hour

Prices for private jets per hour A private jet charters cost consists of a number of elements, among which the airplane's per-hour rates, landings and check-in charges and flight manning. Several of our clients, in particular former or current break or hour cards holders, also wish to have a break-down of the aircraft's per-hour rates in order to fully benchmark their choices.

More information about private jet prices can be found in our full cost statement, how much does it cost to rent a private jet?

It'?s the private jet for everyone: jet VLJs

Don't smile, there really was a period when pilots were looking forward to flight - they could even take their "dangerous weapons" on boards - namely zhampoo and forceps. Well-to-do travellers still travel luxuriously on private charters, which is unusual for most - until very light jets became an optional extra.

The Very Light Jet, or VLJ, is a small, economic jet that is certified to operate with one passenger and usually carries between four and six people. To those not familiar with the private jet business, a VLJ is like a 40 Megapg low-cost vehicle making its debut in an 8 Megapg tank world. To most travellers, moving from point A to point 2 - for example Boulder to Dallas - means a 45-minute ride to the international airports, 60 to 90 min check-in and safety late, a 1 -hour flight and another 20 to 30 min late at the final destinations to collect luggage, hire a rental and so on.

It' the same old procedure for the flight home. Once the focus is on timing, a VLJ starts to look very appealing. With an Eclipse 500, the best-selling VLJ to date, the four-passenger flight from Boulder to Dallas would take almost 2 hrs, with no safety controls, no delay at the ticketing desk, no far off car park charges and no unscheduled outages.

Effective commuting time to the shuttle is also much less. Businessmen in Boulder will find the closest VLJ compatible international destination just 10 min from the town centre. Alternatively, two other small airfields are only 15 min away if the Boulder Municipal International is not sufficient. A jet can be in the air 15 min after passenger arrivals - their jet, their timetable.

By that time, everyone knew that owning their own flight would be quicker - but who can afford to pay $10,000 to get there? Private jet industries have begun to move away from extravagant flight expenses, but the VLJ is making a sharp leap. Until Eclipse Aviation proclaimed its aim to build an ultra-efficient jet, the lowest found corporate aircraft cost more than $1,000 per hour and cost about $3 million.

Check these stats against Eclipse Aviation's recently released stats - flight cost per hour was reported to be $193 (fuel, insurances, servicing, etc.). Purchase cost is also quite low - a new Eclipse 500 is selling for $1.5 million. Luckily, the private jet market is not just for the millionaire - fractal jet ownership and charters are becoming more and more common among corporate travellers.

Check the cost of four persons from Boulder to Dallas and back on a first-rate flight; airline companies charge $5,600. Traveling the same way in the Eclipse 500 would cost $772 (fuel, service, insurances, etc.) plus all property-related expenses. They have a fairly short cruising distance - about 1,260 mph ( 1,100 nm ) are default.

Briefly, a VLJ makes private jet travelling economic, quick and useful. Whilst aviation is becoming more and more open, VIPs like the Eclipse 500 are proving that it can also be fun - a fact that brokers and travellers notice.

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