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Get a real-time quote for private aircraft charter from JetOptions. The estimates for the jet aircraft charter include: Comparison calculator for private jet costs Below is a guide to help you calculate the costs of a private jet charter compared to a scheduled one. If you would like to receive a quotation or make a private jet charter reservation, call us at +1 877-727-2538 or request a private jet quotation now. Your home town or aerodrome for your itinerary. chartered planes can reach more destinations and may be able to help you reduce your arrival and departure times to and from the nearest destination by taking you from the nearest aerodrome.

Your target town or the international airports for your itinerary. As a rule, charter planes allow you to go to an aerodrome near your end point, which can save you travelling to and from the aerodrome. If you charter an airplane, the number of flights for your journey may be less. Specify for the airline the overall ticket costs for all executive staff.

Specify the overall costs for the charter of an airplane for Charter. Specify the flight duration in a few seconds. Travelling times are determined by travelling times to the airports, check-in times, safety deployment times and waiting times when boarding the plane. Standard flight times are 3 hrs per flight for airlines and 1 hrs per flight for charter.

Charter usually allows you to travel from the nearest airports without having to queue in long check-in routes, safety routes and board-level routes before taking your place on the plane. Specify the number of leaders traveling on this itinerary. With Charter, however, you are paying for the entire plane, so you can deploy as many managers as you can on the plane at no extra cost.

Specify the mean compensation for the managers traveling on this itinerary. These averages are used to compute the value per man-hour. Specify the daily rate for your vehicle. Specify the hotel rate per room and per city. The value per man-hour, or VMH, is the feature of the managers' mean costs per employee per hours and a constants, the VMH constants, which was set by sector specialists as 2.5.

BMH = (average salary * 2.5)/(2000 hrs per year).

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