Where can I buy Plane Tickets

How can I buy plane tickets?

Plenty of them, one for each airline. Prior to the web, how did humans buy plane tickets / or plane tickets? When you lived in a town, you could buy a flight pass at an air company. Plenty of them, one for each carrier. I would find professional ticketing counters for all large carriers there.

I' d pick one, say Pan-Am, or TWA, Continental, or United, or Braniff, or Delta, or American. No.

A beautiful, young, very courteous and very supportive lady in a classy air suit would accept my booking at the agency and take out a hard copy for New York or Paris. Just a few moments before my plane and my snowboard, I was able to get there and bring my friend who would accompany me to the gates.

Sweet, courteous and always very handsome. Airline companies were competing to provide the best services and the best travel experiences. Stewardess uniform was high-fashion at many airlines, created by coaturiers. In the case of some airline companies that tried to be classy, the air hostesses would change uniform during the flights. When you need something, say another beverage, the hostesses have always responded to the call keys!

During my last trip to Europe with Delta, the air hostesses were obese, insecure and argumentative. And as if the TSA experiences weren't so needlessly awkward themselves, the old, poorly serviced Delta aircraft on the runway was postponed for more than three hour repair, and the furious crews made the experiences even more serious.

Instead of being professional, the flight attendants were menacing to the passenger and agressive. But for those who recall the time before the flight companies were deregulated and then the TSA, flight was once a delight. Although the web has allowed carriers to maximise profits and maximise aircraft load at the expense of customers, it has certainly not helped the airline's customers.

Addendum: It is a wrong line of reasoning to argue that the disagreeable and often improper handling that US passengers now face on a routine basis is an acceptably lower compromise for the lower costs of Walmart providing good flight service. Back in the 1960s, an US citizen could make an easy $250.00 flight from New York to Europe on readily available charters or non-cartel Icelandic Airlines.

When I was a college major, I and my fellow young Americans stayed in Europe for three summer trips because they could fly cheaply, but still very comfortably. Passenger services and the ambiance of these low-cost buses far surpassed the services and convenience of today's U.S. airline traffic. In addition, today all major airline companies in Europe and the North, and outstanding airline companies such as Emirates with similar prices, far surpass the levels of passenger care and convenience of ANY US airline in any category and at any cost.

However, I always state on every transatlantic trip that I am NOT going to be flying with an American carrier.

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