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Italian taxi restaurant and fundraising. The official Collins English-Italian dictionary online. Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Italian Taxi in Mount Holly Springs, PA.

German language version of "taxi" English language version of Collins English-Italian Dictionary

: Taxi is a vehicle used by a pedestrian whose task is to get passengers where they want to go for cash. Taxi pulled up outside the nightclub. Japanese: ??: When an airplane rolls on the floor, or when a flight attendant rolls an airplane somewhere, it rolls slow on the floor.

It gave the aircraft clearance to taxi into place and wait for take-off.

German language version of "taxi" | Collins Italian-English dictionary

: Taxi's a taxi. Korean: ??: A mini cabin is a taxi that you have to collect by phone. You want a low-rent trip, take a picabre. A taxi is a vehicle used by a pedestrian whose task it is to get them where they want to go for a price.

Taxi pulled up outside the nightclub. <font color="#ffff00">-=??=- proudly presents

Taxi in Italy

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Italy's taxi driver on strikes countrywide

Taxis throughout Italy are on Tuesday all afternoon strikes as trade unionists demonstrate against Uber and other new competitors. Going on strikes from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., a demonstration is scheduled in Rome. Strikes were launched on Monday evening after discussions between trade unionists had rejected the Italian Ministry of Transport's "unacceptable" suggestions.

Taxidrivers are arguing that the administration has unjustifiably de-regulated the industry so that multinational corporations and personal rides like Uber can take full benefit of the benefits. Trade unionists are demanding stricter regulations on where workers can work. Taxidrivers can only work in areas for which they have a driver's licence, while Uber and other rental vehicle service are not limited to a particular area.

The Italian Vice Secretary of Transports Riccardo Nencini described the strikes as "unjustified". He said drivers' trade unionists opposed the government's proposal to tackle abuse and legislate on new technologies, with some riders calling for a total prohibition on ride-hauling applications. Nencini said Italy is not considering banning personal service, but wants to control the tax markets so that taxi firms can co-exist with newer firms.

As taxi riders across Europe, Italian taxi riders have been demonstrating since Uber's arrival in 2014, leading to a strike at the beginning of the year. Riders won a win over Uber's inexpensive UberPop services, which enabled passengers to order a ride from a rider without a license.

In 2015 it was forbidden throughout Italy when a Milan tribunal decided that it would create dishonest rivalry. Taxis then tried to free the UberBlack brand, which uses privately owned licensees, from the luxury UberBlack brand. However, their plan was frustrated in May when a Roman tribunal revoked a provisional prohibition that blocked the ministry.

Italians taxi trade unionists have developed a free application to compete with smartphone-based taxi trailers that allow passengers to browse, reserve and purchase taxis via their cell phones.

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