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Enter the cities, airport names, or airport codes for your trip in the Departure Location and Arrival Location fields. Indicate whether your trip is actually taking place. Single round trip multi-town / stopover. Learn why book Multi City flights now & Save Big!

Hacking with Multi-City Flights

I recently helped a girlfriend save $1,000 by showing her this type of booking. They bought a plane from Korea to the USA and were about to make a one-way booking that was going to take about $2,000 round trip. So I showed her how to use the multi-city function, and the sightseeing tour ended up being the same as a simple trip.

Whatever the reasons, most one-way domestic destinations are more costly than sightseeing itineraries. The multi-city flight works similar to the regular search except that you can specify any stopover you want and what data you want. Tip: Modifying the data is the best way to find a cheaper tariff.

The multi-city quest brought me a $129.31 prize and allowed me to stop in Tokyo and Los Angeles for 4 each. Considering that the regular quest without longer stays was only 1144 $ or 65 $ less expensive, this is a great value. The separation from long journeys abroad makes the 20 flight lessons really more tolerable.

The last example of how you can make savings with multi-city travel is booking a one-way pass. We wanted to go from Vietnam to China and then to Japan a couple of month ago, the single fares totalled 850-1000 dollars. Playing around with Kayak's multi-city kayak and booking a $500 plane ride from Vietnam-Laos-China-Japan.

It gave us the opportunity to go to an additional land and was still an overall lower price than booking single ticket bookings.

There are 3 diagrams that show why business travelers do not like to book Multi

Last week's changes in the American, Delta and UK fare structure for multi-city fare plans have made it more costly for travellers to travel to multiple destinations. Travellers traveling to multi-city destinations could face air fare prices that are six to seven time higher than before the changes. Recreational travellers are more willing than corporate travellers to take several one-way streets to chop these changes and conserve cash, according to a poll.

The American, Delta and United have discontinued the ability to combine single non-refundable ticketing and now only provide fully reimbursable one-way ticketing, which is often many multiples more costly than the non-refundable ticketing that many travellers have been booking for years. According to a poll by the British carrier OAG, less than 30 per cent of those surveyed would take several one-way stages for corporate travel, which OAG called "self-connecting".

3,000 of those questioned came from the USA, 66 per cent were recreational travellers and 34 per cent identify themselves as travelling on Business. The OAG interviewed the interviewees with its FlightView application, which has around three million global Active Useres. On the other hand, travellers are more similar to self-connection for recreational trips and almost 90 per cent of those interviewed said they were self-connecting for personal, national recreational trips.

Around 92 per cent of those surveyed stated that they were prepared to make several, single bookings if they saved themselves a lot of cash and arrived at their destinations on schedule. Around 40 per cent of those surveyed stated that they had previously reserved certain stages on multi-city journeys. Below are diagrams that show how much travellers want to spend to reduce costs by connecting themselves and which airlines' operations should be streamlined so that they can use them.

Figure 1: The willingness of travellers to join themselves for home and recreational travel is higher than for travel for hire for international travel or work. Figure 2: About 40% of those surveyed said they would need to conserve at least $100 in order to consider self-connection. Figure 3: Better pocket service enabling travellers to cross airline handbags to their final destination would help facilitate the self-connecting experiences.

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