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I have been a faithful client for two seasons, and I had the privilege to have NO (Popeye) as my rider. He' been my rider every single summer for a whole week and he's been great. NOVIN is very useful every sommer when we go to St. Louis.

It was always punctual and even waiting for us when we were too late, KEVIN was always formally and kept the long taxi journeys interesting. It was so kind to us that it would help us with thoughts for things we could do during our stay in St. Louis so that we could discover.

All I want to do is thank you, County Cab and KEVIN, you are fantastic, thank you for all your attention. Well, we phoned another cab company. And then we found a little bit of yellowness in a taxi. You picked us up quickly and were very kind. For all our needs, my familiy will only use the amber taxi.

Amazing, fast and proffesional taxiservice. from Dallas Texas to St. Louis Missouri. There was a cab at the train stop on schedule and he even was waiting while I was picking up my baggage. and he was kind and supportive. My goal was reached on schedule. Thank you for making the end of a long trip simple.

I' m lucky with the friendly services of St. Louis County. In spite of long waiting times for a chauffeur during the midday, the services of the client support and the chauffeurs are amazing. I' ll only call a cab for St. Louis when I need a drive. The chauffeurs are kind and funny.

A great talk and always time-efficient! Punctual, good workmanship. Punctuality and good customer care. Personnel from phone operators to driver were so comfortable and proficient that they reacted quickly. Recently we have used your services to the airports, with reservations, and another company to go home from the airports.

Your company's experiences were far better. He was very kind and punctual, although he collected us before 5:00 in the morning. Our on-line booking was simple and effective and we valued the call telling us that the chauffeur was on his way.

Well, I intend to use your company every election there is. Magnificent St. Louis experiance. The driver was punctual and kind, drive without problems to the airports. Simple to make bookings on-line, and much better than other taxi operators I've tried to make bookings through. Great services! Great prices! Great services! Great chauffeurs! Thank you very much!

STL County & Yellow Cab - I'm from San Francisco and the sevices in STL are stunning in comparison to SF and NYCers. The STL County & Yellow Cab range of products and solutions are dependable and dependable. Using the facility for my travel, I never worry about being on schedule because I always am.

At 6:30 a.m. I ordered a cab to take us to the terminal. The chauffeur was there at 6:25 a.m. He was very professionally and the cab was neat. I' d use the services again. Excellent customer care! I' d definitely use that cab again! You text me when you were a few moments away and again when you got there.

You were on schedule, and the trip was fast and secure. Well, I don't use the taxi very much. It was a great pleasure that the taxi came early and the chauffeur was one of the kindest guys I have ever known. I' ve had a County Cab bankroll for years as they offer a great deal of services, with neat taxis and kind drivers.

He was my chauffeur and I really loved coming to my neighbourhood with him on my way back from the terminal. He had a cab that was screaming and screaming! Our rider got there on schedule and was very help with the baggage. It was very kind and obliging and brought us in good season to the airfield.

Drivers were kind and proffesional. Right on target. From now on I drive to and from the airports. Our chauffeur was timely, polite, neat and pro. And he got us to the plane on the dot. A few moments before the preset arrival date. Drivers were polite. It was a very nice ride and the prize was right.

I' m never gonna try another cab company again. Excellent customer care! Excellent customer care. He was a good rider. I' m gonna use this company again. I had to get the 0430 Amtrak to Chicago, and the chauffeur was standing outside our front doors a little sooner than we had imagined. Drivers were at Amtrak within 5 min when we asked.

Drivers got here early. Extremely kind and respectable and friendly. Brian was the chauffeur. Highly satisfied with him and this company. Personally, I liked how smooth it worked and liked being written to tell me how far away the rider was. Using the application, we call our cab for the period we want to get out.

This way we had an extraordinary level of customer care. You are always near the times we ask for - this says a great deal, because it is usually the case when the rods are closed. Many thanks County/Yellow Cabin for your excellent services. I' ve ordered a cab for a certain period of now. Well, it came at just the right moment.

Cab was neat, drivers kind and experienced. to graduate our families from Washington University. Our chauffeur phoned us early to inform us that she was approaching our pick-up point and was arriving on schedule. Not only was she very polite and polite, she was also very thoughtful to ensure that none of the travelers were raining.

Took me through a hard period. It has a very gentle kind of autoimmune and is not currently in use. The County & Yellow Cab has resolved my issues. You took a lot of effort and took a lot of your sweetheart' hours to develop a programme that worked for me and my family. He' s on the same chauffeur every single night, and both he and I feel good knowing that we can rely on him.

THANK YOU WARD & YELLOW TAXI. and you really took the trouble to fix my issue. From now on I will be proud to commend County & Yellow Cab. Riders were friendly and obliging. Right on schedule. I' ve had a terrific outing with St. Louis & County Cab.

I and my friend are not from St. Louis and needed a dependable transport to our event location and then back to the hospital. In a few seconds we were allocated a cabbie. and it was the end of his shifts. I' ll definitely call this company back if I have to.

Sadly I can't recall my driver's name, but he was the kindest and most supportive taxi rider I ever had! Hand over the best taxi company in STL! You were always on schedule for me and haven't disappointed me yet! I' ve ordered a taxi on-line to get me to the airfield very early on Thursday mornings.

Well informed when the rider was nearby, he arrived on schedule and he was very kind to greet me. But things quickly took a small turn, beginning with his comment: "Well, you're going to the airfield. "It turned out that he knew very well how to get from my home to the terminal and I was never concerned about that as I know very well how to get from my home to the terminal.

I had a great speaker for my chauffeur. I' ll admit that he asked if it was all right with me before making a telephone call to a superior, but then he went on to have a long, loud talk about the insufficient education he had received the previous morning from another rider. Fast and extraordinary services!

I' ve been using this cab company since I came here. Omg, they will be arriving in no short order and will have the best prices. Our riders are kind and courteous. Personally, I like the way you text when you find a cab that contains the driver's name.

Oh, I really like this company. He was punctual and very obliging. Taxi drove in a little early to take me to the terminal. Helping me with my pockets, he took me directly and efficiently to the airfield. I' ve found this company and its chauffeurs beautiful.

It was 10:30 at midnight the first morning I used County and Yellow Cab, I was exhausted from work all morning, and I just forgot to catch the coach. Sometimes there were periods when the servicing was rather sluggish, but the riders were always kind and polite, especially a special type called Andy, with whom I ended up driving several numbers.

It' a great set of services and it's good value for your buck, especially if you're in a tight spot. Our taxi to the airfield was prebooked and the chauffeur showed up at the planned hour with a few moments left. Well, he got us off safe and sound. A great chauffeur and a great, dependable customer support! Nice, courteous drive.

Superb services and comfort! Well, the rider was very kind. In any case, I strongly suggest using County Cab! I was able to follow my cab before it got here. Well, the rider was very kind. Drivers were relaxed and courteous. Fast servicing and neat car.... He was as kind as possible and was helping me with my big pockets.

You' re quick, the application is great and the services are good. I was also jumpy because I went to the airports during peak hours. There was a very definite point in my pickup, and the rider was not only early, but was also glad to be waiting until I was prepared.

and very interesting to speak to him. Before I knew it, I was at the airfield with a lot of spare ATM. I' m definitely going to use this apartment again next I need a cab. Most of the times we don't use the taxis in St. Louis, but we had to be brought to the airports very early in the mornings.

Using the on-line pre-sales process, I have agreed to an early pick-up pick-up period. And I did this because I was worried that the taxi wouldn't show up in good time. Don't be alarmed, it turned out - the taxi driver was exactly on schedule and kind at a very early hours. I' m definitely going to use this facility again.

To be able to fix a pick-up pick-up date in the morning and not have to bother to call them for a certain amount of money before they get there is GREAT. It' s that simple to get a cab with the Yellow Cab App. It takes seconds to order and the cabin is always on schedule.

Well, I had a very good one. Riders came home to me very quickly. He was a "very mature" lady, and although he was a good rider and polite, she couldn't help me with my baggage. He was punctual, supportive and effective! Glad I used this company!

They told me when the taxi was closed and when it had been there. The St. Louis district taxi always arrives on schedule. Drivers were always very supportive and sometimes avoided the road. As an example, during the last journey to the international airports in March I leave my wallet at home.

Not only did the chauffeur turn around so I could pick up my wallet, but he also managed to get me to the airfield in good order to reach my airplane. Well, I can rely on a cab in St. Louis district. I just Iove her. 4-6 x a monthly for airfreight. Taxi drivers are always comfortable and punctual.

It' good to have this facility on STL. Had to leave at 5:00 in the afternoon after seeing a boyfriend in St. Louis. Being a woman alone in a foreign town in the early hours of the day, my rider gave me a feeling of security. There was a great chat on the way to the plane.

Excellent services, good drivers, neat cab. There was a little bit of a difficulty with the rider trying to find my precise position, but I got a call from the dispatchers and the rider got there in a few seconds. Pleased about the possibility to book the cabin online in advance. Once again I will definitely use this feature and suggest it to others.

Except for the taxi cab attendant who had been smoking twice in the cabin, I had the most amazing taxi servicing experiences. I used St. Louis County Yellow Cab during two last travels to St. Louis. Directly afterwards, St. Louis County Yellow Cab provided the cabin number, chauffeur, name, taxi position and expected ETA by SMS.

The riders have always been quick to react and kind. It'?s the only cab I`ll take in St. Louis! I' ve been using this company most of my lifetime and it has always been highly dependable. I' ve used their services many different ways and never had them not appearing on schedule and operational.

As a rule, the riders are above standard, obliging and willing to help. was when I summoned one of their taxis to the STL to drive home one night. Must have been a new chauffeur or she had just been missing, but she didn't know how to get out of the car park and after about 35 minutes she found out, but that was plenty of free space for me to do better things.

Personally and commercially I will keep using your services. Our customers receive outstanding support! Trustworthy and obliging. Be polite and always up to date. l like your work. While I was travelling to St. Louis for a consultancy assignment during my weekly stay, I didn't hire a rental automobile and instead used St Louis County & Yellow Cab for all the work to get from my Chicago resort to the offices where I worked.

Using the application and website to always reserve my cab, the driver was always punctual and very kind to talk to them. This I would advise anyone who visits or travels to St. Louis for professional or private reasons. Superb customer care! It took us an early start to the airfield on a Sunday.

Drivers got there on schedule and on schedule. Helping, courteous and kind. Punctually he fetched me and brought me quickly to the goal. You have driven several trips with the STL County & Yellow Taxi pros and have had only good, dependable experience. Well, I got a cab from home to the airport for Christmas.

On the eve of the meeting I made a booking on-line and the next day I phoned a few hour before the pick-up to check it out. Taxi got there on schedule, a little early in the day. He was a very good fellow and the trip was enjoyable. Next year I could order a vehicle, I didn't really specify the model of vehicle I wanted.

I' d still use again Yacht Cab Company, great total services, but they really have to prohibit every and every smoke in all their vehicles, it's 2015! Cabin arrives on schedule. Drivers were courteous and courteous. Simple to make, punctual and kind. I had a great trip and took a cab.

Driving was nice and safe in the cold. When I was on my way out of the city for a longer period of time, a boyfriend suggested that I book a taxi to and from the city. On my early day leaving, the rider was early and happy. Drivers phoned my mobile, leaving a note and I phoned him back to explain the scene and said I fully understand if he had to pay another far.

Whenever I have to go, I just drop my fucking vehicle at home and take a taxi! Excellent customer care! Whenever I need a drive to or from the airports, I always use County Cab. You' re always punctual and obliging. Great, reliable customer support. Amiable. They are always kind and socially.

Their only drawback is that they always show up much sooner than the ordered amount of elapsed working hours and they seem to never know where I'm going when all this information is input into the order. Fast servicing. The taxi driver did a good work and was very timely. Please note that I arrive on schedule and ALWAYS have to supply the roundabout.

Many thanks for another excellent customer support. I have had more than enjoyable experiences with this type of work. He was punctual and courteous and the cab was clear. The rider was interesting to speak with him, punctual, it was a good one. So I made a big chaos and planned a cab for 2:30 instead of 14:30.

Not only did the company wait more than 30 mins before I could wake up and see the news and select the telephone, as they were very extensive and helpful when I told my error. Punctual, good value, good conversation with the rider. You may have to instruct them, according to the rider.

Rarely do I need a cab but on 3 opportunities I needed a drive to the airports. Drivers are always a few moments early and the text messages keep me up to date. For a short stay I was in the city and had a short timeframe to get out of my meetings.

St. Louis County & Yellow Cab was easily found on the web and had an automatic planning system. My adress and the pick-up times were entered and the chauffeur was very prompt. When he was a few moments away he sent me a short SMS and we had a lovely 30 min drive back to the airfield.

and the cab was clear. I' ll be glad to use it again next goddamn near. I' ve never used a taxi company before, so I wasn't sure what to look forward to. The driver was extremly competent and obliging. Since I am a single traveller, I was a little reluctant to use a taxi-driver.

But the rider could give me a good feeling right from the beginning. Definitely I will use your services if it should be necessary in the near term. The taxi promptly came and the chauffeur was polite. St. Louis was a great journey. The taxi ride was flawless. He was very instructive and talked a great deal about the town.

The County and Yellow Cab are the only way to drive in St. Louis. Offering to come back for us, he phoned us at our own hour to let us know he was in the area, so we had a convenient return trip. I' d appreciate it if the rider wouldn't be driving through heavy duty vehicles.

Most of the time the riders are beautiful. Because I work in St. Louis, but I don't work here. On my travels to work I see the taxi services all over the state. This taxi company is distinguished by the application. Telephone services are also great.

Besides once, the riders have not missed the road, very sympathetic and deserve the deal. St. Louis County Cab & Yellow Cab offers outstanding services. Usually I have to call her at the last second to get an airport-transfer. They' re incredibly fast and polite. I had to begin now for about 2 month with the taxi company.

In most cases the taxis have arrive as planned and the chauffeurs are kind and obliging. Punctual, supportive and safely on the road. Superb craftsmanship and great riders all the while! The rider was calm, but very supportive when we asked our friends a question. Superb customer care! Well, they got there on schedule, they were kind, polite and supportive!

I' ve been using a taxi for years and always have good services. I had to go to St. Louis Co. twice this year for shops and I spent several nights in the city using STL & Yellow Cab extensively. None of the taxi operators take credits without pulling out a dodgy engine that forces them to manipulate my ticket or get dusty from an ancient charcoal slide (no joke).

And STL & Yellow Cab is also much cheaper than just about any other taxi company I have travelled with my company. It'?s so simple, so kind, so fast! I used the St. Louis County & Yellow Cab Company several time in 2014. All of the riders were very customer-oriented and have good riding knowledge.

Although they don't know the location I want, they quickly ask other chauffeurs and we're on our way. I' m glad to know about a great and dependable taxi company. and they have tidy taxis.

Always on schedule, if not early, they've never been too late. No. Only a really good working with this company, every single times I needed their work. The fast track makes the application even better! I' ve been using St. Louis County Cab for probably 35 years.

You are always punctual and always comfortable to drive. It'?s my cab company. Because they always react quickly, I really enjoy Atl country and cabs. In contrast to lacelede cab, SDL Country is dependable. And I appreciate the dependability of Atlcount. Sadly, when I was in the city, my taxi trip was attacked by another company, which caused a lot of chaos.

Altogether, my journey to St. Louis was terrible. Taxis always get there on schedule, our chauffeurs are polite, and our vehicles are neat and apparently secure.

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