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Purchase a new private jet

Do you need to buy a new or used aircraft? New website reveals personal data accessible to everyone. Miss Louisiana Tea Evangelist Seeking 54 Million Dollar Private Jet Donations: Review

The Times-Picayune reported: "A Louisiana-based televisionangelist is asking his supporters to give $54 million in donations for a jet that "can travel anywhere in the globe with a single stop. Destrehan, about 25 miles eastern of New Orleans, says his service has been paying for three private planes.

"You know that I have possessed three different planes in my lifetime and used and used them and simply burned them for the Lord," says Mr Duplants in a videotape published on the website of His ministries. Now, it' re said that Dublantis is looking for funding for a Dassault Falcon 7X valued at 54 million dollars. He would sit in a plane and preach the good news all over the globe.

Duplantis' videotape comes after another tea evangelist, Kenneth Copeland in Texas, bought the Gulfstream V Jet for 36 million dollars. Defending their use of private planes during a Copeland show, both teaangelists said airline companies are full of "a pile of demons" standing in the way of their full flight plans.

Tea evangelist says Jesus said he needed a fourth private jet estimated at $54 million.

An affluent Louisianaospel television says Jesus asked him to buy a new private jet. You don't know Jesus has really good tastes on airplanes. Head of Jesse Duplantis Ministries and owners of three more private jet aircraft, Jesse Duplantis is asking his supporters to contribute to his ministry's bid to buy a brand-new Dassault Falcon 7X that costs about $54 million.

Duplantis says in a recent web site clip that the airplanes bring him nearer to the Lord - both verbatim and metaphorically - and he had a godly talk in which Jesus asked for the new airplane by name. "One of the greatest things the Lord ever said to me, he said, "Jesse, will you come up where I am?

With " bleed," dublantis -- uh, jesus -- apparently means "ask for donations." "DUPLANTLANTIS continues to tell his supporters that jet engines, especially beautiful with good gas economy, enable him and his services to reaching more audiences around the globe. "The only thing it will do is it will affect humans, it will achieve humans, it will transform the life of one spirit after another," said Mr Duplantis about the plane.

"Really, I believe that if Jesus were physical on our planet today, he would not be sitting on a donkey," he added with a smile. Duplantis also shows his fans a photograph of him next to his other three planes in the video: a Cessna Citation 500, an IAI Westwind II and a Dassault Falcon 50.

" The CNN has contacted Duplantis to make a statement. Following the wealth of the Bible, ministers and worshippers, beautiful things like jet and car and hiring cash, are God's way of giving blessings to human beings for a loyal living. It may not come as a big shock that famous wealth evangelisers have a preference for jet aircraft.

For them, this deluxe does not contradict Jesus' doctrines of temperance and modesty. Duplantis is not the only minister who claims to talk to the Almighty about medium-range corporate jets. By 2015, Creflo Dollar, a megastor, was facing a backlasher who asked his supporters for $60 million for a Gulfstream G650.

At the beginning of the year, wealth minister Kenneth Copeland purchased a Gulfstream V jet from Tyler Perry's principal, financed by contributions from his people. Duplantis and Copeland also debated the need for private jet aircraft in an 2016 Copeland show episode "Believer's Voice of Victory," in which Copeland described corporate aviation as "in a long pipe with a pile of daemons.

" "that we can't have [successors] without [private jets]. We have to have them," said Copeland. Kopeland noted that the famous Protestant minister Oral Roberts was flying commercially, but the airplanes were " moving his mind " with their prayer request.

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