Best Private Jet for the Money

The best private jet for the money

However, a private jet card may not be the best option for you. There are 10 ways to travel by private jet for less money. If you think of "flying in a private jet", many think of travelling in the ultimate luxuries - cabin berths, free-flowing bubbly wine and other far-fetched pictures quickly come to your fore. Whilst this is certainly the case with some private jet air travel, in fact over 50% of private air travel is for commercial use, which means that there is usually a budgetary requirement to manage.

Most of our corporate customers are intelligent policy leaders - they know how to make the most of their private jet budget to conserve airports and money. To help you get your next private jet trip cheaper, here are some of the most important advice from our flying team on how to get the best private jet fares:

Getting the most out of your money is the first great way to compare prices on-line. Intelligent airplane selections can make a big distinction in terms of prices. Using the plane sizes that will take you to your destinations, adjust the number of people and/or baggage you need to take with you without giving yourself a surplus.

Consider using a VLJ (VeryLightJet) instead of a medium-sized jet if your range allows it. Chartering means you can select the best jet for any travel requirement, and no matter what type of plane you decide on, you still have the same time-saving and flexible advantages on the floor.

Talking about down-sizing, consider using a turbine propeller to get a cheaper choice on short distances (you can also take off and landing on short runs, which gives you more airfield options!). A few turboprops like the King Air or the "chic propeller" Piaggio Avanti look like a jet inside, but can be up to 20% cheaper.

If you fly to London, for example, you can cut your cost by up to $2,000 with Stansted instead of London City Airport. Similarly, instead of going to Miami International, try Miami Grandpa-Locka. You can also extend your charters by taking off from airports where the plane is already present - which means lower position cost.

As soon as you have booked a private jet, the fare for the ticket remains the same, regardless of how many passengers are on it. The grouping can reduce the costs per capita for a private jet. Empty planes are one of the best known ways to make a private jet reservation for less money.

When you are ready to be agile (and make last-minute bookings), you can save up to 75% on these one-way tickets. Sometimes this can provide the opportunity to travel by private jet at fares, but remember that empty sections are quite volatile, so make sure you know the terms around the reservation.

While a 10-year-old plane can be less expensive, it can be equipped with a high-quality cabin design and an outstanding service plan. Defrosting may be mandatory during the wet weather before a plane can take off safely. It is an additional charge on the private jet charters and depends on the level of de-icing.

Whether you believe it or not, this also holds true for the conditions of private jets. If, for example, you really don't want to have any food on the boat, you can sometimes achieve a decrease in your charters costs. If you would like personalised private jet charters for any of your forthcoming cruises, please feel free to call us on-line or call our 24/7 flight team at (866) 726-1222.

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