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What does a taxi cost in Montreal, QC, Canada? Would you like a rough idea of the cost of a taxi ride? fares information On this page your cabin price is calculated according to Montreal, QC taxi Tariff. First, type your trip information into the boxes below the card. The results are all estimated and may differ based on outside conditions such as transport and weathers.

Her last fare appraisal had a mistake. What does a taxi charge?

In order to see the route description, look for the fare using the above boxes.

Tariffs and tariffs - Montreal Airports

A taxi or sedan can be taken at the arrival gate near the main entrance in front of the wardrobe, where a ticket clerk will help you. Reservations are not necessary. Any taxi or sedan operator operating from Montréal-Trudeau must have a licence and adhere to the general business regulations.

The Aéroports de Montréal sometimes have recourse to external providers in times of overdemand. There are a certain number of modified cabs available in Montréal-Trudeau. Cab rates: Prices per metre for all other locations except the city centre. Limo tariffs: Click here for all other locations except the city centre. However, province rules stipulate that clients must make payments in Canada dollars.

Taxiservice is available at the Téo (Transport Écologique Optimisé) Taxi rank at the Téo International Taxi Terminal.

Taxis and taxi businesses in Montreal

The Montreal taxi is generally neat, the driver is polite and the reaction speed is quick, about 10 mins or less after a call. Montreal driver's cabs turned amber? Montreal does not have a colour coded auto like other places like New York, where all taxi registrations are green or Rome, where they are consistently red.

There are Montreal taxis in all colours. Téo Taxi's battery-powered car is the only one to be exempt, as it has a colour palette of ecru and whites. You can find out how much it costs to take a Montreal taxi with either the Taxi Fare Finder or TaxiWiz by typing in your departures and destinations information before you even call a taxi.

Whilst most of the taxi companies below collect only those clients in the downtown areas of Montreal who are shown in section A-11 of this Montreal Wall map, there are some that will collect you in the Far East and West of Montreal.

If you were dissatisfied with the services you were receiving after your taxi trip, you can (and should) lodge a complaints with the Montreal Municipality or send an e-mail to the Montreal Metropolitan Police at About Taxi - Uber is not a taxi business in itself, but an on-demand taxi dispatcher using GPS-based technologies.

In autumn 2014, after a string of accusations of sexual violence in Montreal cabins were uncovered by the Montreal press, it became known that two tiers of governance had neglected to carry out crime backgrounds on most of Montreal's driver fleets, putting driver security at risk, especially women's life.

Taxicab Téo - Offers itself as an anti-dote to the taxi crises in Montreal, supposedly triggered by the advent of UberX, the latter company, the Téo and various investigation sources maintain to bring riders a pay below the MIP,''Téo guarantees riders a $15 per-hour wage with periodic services, even two weeks' holiday.

'' In Montreal, however, Montreal is a city where Montreal can make a difference to the face of the sector and hopefully ensure that riders receive decent salaries. The Atlas Taxi - In general, Atlas has comfortable and kind chauffeurs and the dispatch reaction is quick, with a taxi that usually arrives five to ten minute, if not less, especially on the western side of Montreal (e.g. Westmount, N.D.G., Snowdon, St. Henri).

Taxicab Co-op - You will even launch your vehicle when you need it, or help you open your vehicle door when you have the keys closed (service parameters and price changes reserved). You also have a taxi transport specially designed for wheelchair users. Excellent cover also on the Isle of Montreal, from west to west.

Unityaxi - Get the luxuries of a well maintained limousine and a well clothed chauffeur without having to pay more than the normal taxi fare. Their only reservation is the waiting period of about 20 mins, which is about twice what you would have expected from other taxi operators. Following taxi operators are entitled to collect clients in the Montreal area ( section A-11 of this Montreal Map).

Taxicab Van Medic (514) 739-9933, Services for persons with limited mobile capacity and for clients who require assistance for physical or mental health purposes, e.g. daily operations, scheduled visits to doctors, etc. Such taxi operators are authorised to collect clients from the most eastern municipalities of the Isle of Montreal (section A-05 of this Montreal Map).

These taxi operators are authorised to collect clients from the most westerly municipalities on the Isle of Montreal (section A-12 of this Montreal Map).

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