World Flight Pass

global flight pass

Simply ask us which tickets are eligible for the passport and select the various options available. You can also call us to organize your SkyTeam Travel Pass immediately! One alternative for a ticket around the world is a continent pass.

Flight Centre International Airpass

There are a number of airlines that operate specific tariff programmes to simplify and in many cases reduce the cost of cross-border flights. You can choose between a circumnavigation of the world in one way or several stations on one single continental route. Overall, flight passports provide comfort and versatility - many of the passports have a date shift as part of the offering.

In general, they are only available to residents outside the area, which prevents them from being used for home use. Contacting a Flight Center representative today to talk about your next flight and find the right Air Pass for you and your journey.

Multi-flex passports

When your flight is qualifying, you can purchase one of our pre-flight exclusives and have the option to modify the date of your flight without having to incur the airline's cost. Select from threeultiFLEX passports and start saving that cash for something much more important (South America beers...)!

MulitFLEX caters for all charges for STA and airport data changes. When the new flight is more costly than the old one, you will have to cover the cost of the new flight. Purchase your passport before your flight and modify your details as soon as you leave the USA. Be sure to verify that your flight is approved, as not all of them are approved!

If you have reserved a flight back, our One Chance Pass is a great relief, but think that you might end up spending a little longer (or getting home earlier... but why would you want to do that?!). Contact our expert travellers to find out if your flight is a good one and buy the pass for just $49 - that's your maximum convenience!

This pass gives you free, unrestricted changes to your schedule - ideal for long journeys and circumnavigations. So, if you know that you can be in Cuzco for the Inti Raymi Festivals or just can't stand to get out of Thailand (and who can resent you?), you can edit your flight data on-line and skip the planets for as long as you want!

The 3-way MultistopFLEX pass is perfect for one of our fantastic multi-stop tracks. This pass allows you to modify your flight details three and a half time after departure without having to pay any fee, which saves you $$$$$s! Talk to one of our tour operators for more information or call us now to make a booking!

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