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Find low cost airfares to Athens, Greece

Flying to Greece cheaply can be easily found if you know a few hints and hints. Below are some ways to make savings on your next trip to Athens, Greece. Savings can be made either by making an early reservation, 60 to 90 nights in advance, or by making a belated last-minute reservation.

You will then find a connection to Greece with a smaller airline in Europe. Take other airline companies into account. Verify who is near your date of origin to Athens International Airport; you may see a newer or smaller airline that offers specials. Maybe you will also find a local airline that you have never considered before.

When you think of a sightseeing or cruising holiday, find out what fares your organizer is offering, and find out if you can prolong your journey to gain free pre or post journey travelling times. Are you considering to fly directly to Kerkyra (Corfu), Thessaloniki, Rhodes or through Chania or Heraklion on the Crete Isle.

Air carriers operating from the UK and Germany have many non-stop services to these destinations. Get on an openaw plane. "Go to Athens, but go home from Heraklion, Rhodes, Thessaloniki or Kerkyra. You can call the airline directly. Do you find a cheap fare for a particular airline with a tripfinder? Directly call the airline and ask if there are any further promotional offers at this location.

However, if the airline will charge you a charge to speak with a reservation Agent, it is probably not valuable. If you have looked for a good rate and spoken to the airline, check both results against a straight forward look on the airline's own website. Lots of popular web sites may allow you to look for alternative airports "near" Athens or other places.

The search for Athens may indicate that you are looking for trips to the Isle of Mykonos; it is only 94 mile from Athens, but that is all sea that requires either a slower ferry, a more costly hang-glider or another trip to Athens. Further search queries may indicate that you are going to the Santorini Islands to get to the Crete Islands, which are "only" 70 mile away.

However, the only exceptions to the rule are Crete. There a flight to Chania and not to Iraklion might work; you are at least on the same isle. Journeyocity offers flight and holiday package deals to Europe, plus many Greece options . site is specialized in locating offers from lesser known local carriers.

It' s a great place to find low -cost tickets that are simply not displayed on the "big" comparator motors. On this page you will find constantly low rates for your travels to Greece. Like Bootsnall, this website allows you to review most of the "big names" of tour operators with just one input of your trip information.

You still don't like what you find? ¬°Aegean Airlines: While Aegean is only active in Europe, it shares codes with other carriers. It also has a code share arrangement with Continental Airways for services to Greece. Greece's airline sometimes gives rebates, and these can be good deals. The majority of foreign departures are code shares. This is Delta Airlines:

The airline often advertises air travel to Athens. Another airline that often offers low fare to Athens. Often they have recourse to Consolidators' air deals that can match or exceed published rates elsewhere, and sometimes it's great to have a genuine person to help with your travel detail. The majority of them calculate in supplement to the fare a fare, which is usually quite reasonable.

Rather than taking a cab from Athens airport to your accommodation for 45 Euro (more or less), take the 4 Euro (more or less) Airport Bus or Metro to Athens instead.

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