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And if you've never heard of StudentUniverse before, visit their website and bookmark them. The Student Universe offers fares that are much cheaper than other websites, including other sights with student fares. Low student airfares & travel offers No matter if you are a student travelling abroad or one of those holiday enthusiasts who likes to go out and discover the outside of your home country, you always need some great offers to save money and get around. No matter whether you want to discover the legacy of Rome, the Indian Ocean beach, the Australian cultural life, Australian religions, continental religions or an extravagant stay in the USA, our comprehensive destination cover and enticing student trip sales give you the chance to discover the globe and save a lot.

Take full advantages of our hand-picked student trip packages and explore the fascinating variety of the globe with budget-friendly itineraries. Our connections to the largest and best airline companies in the globe allow you to get your money's worth on the cheapest and most fascinating offers for your desired holiday destinations.

Getting student itineraries ( even if you're not a student )

Following a long term of study, working and timpani for the final, it is no wonder that those kids are anxious to get away. Be it celebrating in the spring holiday season, visiting the host families for the holiday season or volunteering abroad during a European campus holiday, student travelling has become an integral part of university life - but it doesn't have to go beyond the student budgets.

Indeed, many airline companies, hotel companies and other tour operators are offering reduced fare to student and young travellers - and you don't always have to be a student or younger than a certain retirement to benefit from these reduced fare! Here is the insider info on the tariffs for student and teenage trips and how you can catch them to make a cheaper trip.

Which prices are there for student and young people? It' s no mystery that student and younger travellers don't always have the biggest budget - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get away every now and then! Airlines, hoteliers and tourist agencies make it easy for young people and young adults to go on holiday by providing this target group with special and greatly reduced tariffs.

Ticket prices for school and young people can be made even more flexible in terms of modification charges and reimbursements. What is the best way to find offers for student and young people? Lots of major airline companies, brand hotels, touroperators and other touroperators are offering student and teen discount rates, and you can usually find information or view rates on their web sites or call their support staff.

The American Airlines is just one example of an airline that provides high rebates for students. However, if you don't want to waste too much of your valuable attention looking into each provider's student rebate policy, you can always use a student office to find the best fares available. Student tour operator STA Travels is a favourite student tour operator offering a wide variety of tour packages (hotels, airline tickets, trips and rail tickets).

Must you be a student or a teenager to use these tariffs? Whether you believe it or not, sometimes you don't even have to be a student to get these great itineraries. Whilst student and junior rates are strongly sold to these younger population groups, some student tour operators have taken it upon themselves to offer their rebates to all travellers.

Let's take STA Travels, for example. Whilst their primary emphasis is on young people and student trips, they provide discount air, accommodation, train and trip reservation for travellers of all age groups. So even if you are not a student, you can take full benefit of the agency's greatly reduced rates and specials.

StudentUniverse is another student tour operator that provides discounts to all travellers, focusing mainly on student, junior and instructor rates, but also "rates anyone can buy," according to the StudentUniverse website. The Student Tourist Office provides reduced rates on everything you need for your holiday, which includes flight tickets, train passports, hotel accommodation, trips and more.

When travelling in a group, you can also take benefit of StudentUniverse's reduced group rates. While every tourist office, airline, hotels and touring companies have their own set of policies regarding who qualifies for student and student rates, do not suppose that you do not qualifying simply because you are not under 25 or registered at university.

Did you ever travel with a prize for young people or schoolchildren?

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