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A yellow taxi was taken to LA Union Station at about 18:10 and asked the driver if he knew where the Hollywood Roosevelt Boulevard on 7000 Hollywood Boulevard near N Orange Street was. Said he knew it very well because it was a memorable one. Even though we had counted on the transport, we knew that the trip was only about 8 nautical miles on the most straightforward of the routes we thought a taxi would know.

The taxi drove us over the Hollywood Freeway to the almost Universal Studios instead. At this time we had of course passed the Hollywood Bowl and the Hollywood shield in the hill. As I pointed out to the rider that he had failed to take the Hollywood Boulevard drive, he said "No" outright.

He pointed out how near the Universal Studios were to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I never asked the rider to take me along the panoramic road to our hospital. When I wanted to go to Universal Studios, I would have asked the rider to take me there.

Already I knew the remoteness and closeness of our hotels to Universal Studios and didn't have to go this way to be pointed out. Soon the rider got off the freeway and drove onto an over-the-top street, then took a turn to the right and returned for a few kilometres before arriving at Franklin Street.

Rather than driving down N Orange Boulevard, he drove on Franklin Street before making a turn to the right on Hollywood Boulevard and then turn right on Hollywood Boulevard and turn right on N Orange, even if I asked him to stop in front of the Hollywood Boulevard motel. Seeing as the plate in the cab under the driver's licence information indicates that the lump sum fee between LAX and downtown is $46.50 (more than twice the route and twice as long), I think that the price of yesterday's cab trip was $37.65 and in my view is a clear case of the chauffeur (Mr. Aram Sarafyan) trying to fill his own bags at our cost.

When I was collected by LAX, I had the normal drive to my hospital. I received an answer within a very short period of getting it and I was informed that the rider would give my telephone back to me. The LA Yellow Cab Co. kept me from a terrible dream and I want to thank all the guys who took care of me!

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