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NY City to choose this time period via past protective covering for Uber, Lyft Carpool Sub-Vehicles

NYC officers will be voting this weekend on whether or not to limit the number of rides for Uber and Lyft applications to the present levels and exclude all new cars except those that are disabled. Riders who back the bill, both from cab operators and within Uber and Lyft, maintain that an increase in transport, a decrease in efficiency, and a sharp fall in the value of cab medals from over $1 million to less than $200,000 are the result of the city's currently unabated increase in carpooling.

Six cabmen and passengers have killed themselves in recent years, with some of them citing difficulties of a financially motivated nature as the main reason. Carpooling in the cities has risen from just under 63,000 in 2015 to over 100,000, leaving people sitting idle for long periods at the airport, car park and other places waiting for fewer and fewer trips.

Uber also points out, however, that the increase in available rolling stock has not improved access for those on the islands of Manhattan who have less access to transport and are sick and tired of the higher delay and cancellation of metro and bus services in recent years. Council members will also be voting on a number of other similar suggestions that would establish wage thresholds for APs and could choose to cast their votes as early as Wednesday of this Week.

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