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It'?s a pleasure to travel the world. 10 longest flights in the world by range Qantas started the new non-stop connection from Perth to London this week-end. Travelling more than 9,000 mile, the new 17-hour, 20-minute outward journey is not only the first commercial non-stop between Australia and Europe, but also the world's second longest long-haul and longest Qantas journey.

It' s just three month after the start of the United ministry between Houston and Sydney. Quantas QF9 takes off from Perth at 18:45 and will arrive in London at 5:05 the next morning. Upon returning, the return flights of Q1antas QF 10 depart from London Heathrow at 13:15 and land at Perth the next following evening at 13:00.

Outgoing part is 17 hrs, 20 min for outgoing part, while returning part is 16 hrs, 45 min. Quantas uses its latest aircraft for this voyage, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Every one of them is 24 inch broad and tends to a totally shallow 80 inch long berth and has its own 16-inch conversation display.

Every one is 20.5 inch thick, leans 9.5 inch back and has 38 inch tilt. This seat's entertaining system is 13.3 inch in width. Every one is 17.2 inch broad, has 32 inch tilt and is 6 inch back. Working with researchers from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, Mr. Qantas adjusted everything from in-flight lights to menu services and more to help passenger adapt their circulation more quickly to the target area.

Meanwhile, after the new route has been put into operation, you will find here an up-to-date listing of the longest route in the world by range. These are the longest stretches in the world for now, but look for the latest update as we will probably get more and longer trips from you.

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