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For Advanced Flight Training, Inc. à Blountville, Tennessee. The Leading Edge Aviation offers students training and assessment with special helicopter and aircraft programs. The advanced aviation training and pilot training of our flight school are comprehensive and perfect for people who have very limited or no flight training at all.

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Founded in 2005, Advanced Flight has been designed from the outset to deliver the highest level of service by using only pilots with years of flight practice and thousand of flight hour, which in the case of flight training is very different from the industrial standard. Our training includes training for personal, business and instruction licences as well as special training for which the business was founded and called.

You know that when you join us, your pilots have been in the air a long while. For more information, please view one of our video's or click on the link below if you would like to use the more traditionally textual version and welcome back to the extended flight.

The Advanced Flight provides residential, business and instructional training in both the Robinson R22 and R44. Since we are a small, specialised college, the entire training is individual. Training with our highly skilled staff will give you a sound basis for your flight, be it just for pleasure or for your upcoming careers.

The advanced flight was originally set up to allow advanced contingency training. There was a shortage of good training for Robinson choppers in the industrial sector and many pilots flew with minimal knowledge of car turns and other disasters, mainly because even their own trainers were new.

Through training to provide a better grasp of each contingency process, we try to educate pupils how to respond in actual settings rather than in the conserved and orchestrated training area. That means that auto-rotation training, simulation of powerplant failures at take-off, rear end rotors failing and many other manoeuvres that are not normally included in normal training are part of the Advanced Flight Training standards.

Our pilots, who have been flying in LA for over two centuries, have a great knowledge of the area and the air space and have worked with a number of professional and professional pilots to quickly adjust to each individual requirement and to every individual lifestyle. A good grasp of what the shooter is looking for and the capacity to "see through the lens" allow us to get securely into the desired location.

Welcome to Advanced Flight's Los Angeles sightseeing tour, the ultimative way to see the Los Angeles, Long Beach and South Bay attractions.

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