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Bombard fights with Learjet future As the NBAA opens in 2016, there has been further uncertainty among sector analysts as to whether the Learjet mark will continue to be held as ownership by Bombardier. However, the market for the Learjet mark is expected to continue to grow. All year round, the Group has given some rather misleading signs as to what it intends to do with Learjet.

Still iconical, the company was able to have only one car that, albeit slow, sold - the Learjet 75. The sale of this plane reached a low point in the first three months, when only one was sold, but by the end of June up to six, after Learjet had revealed a sophisticated cab, among them a body armature that separated the master cab from the cab and lowered the cab's sound level by eight dB.

Learjet also proclaimed at the same period that he was planning to "aggressively market and sell" the $13.8 million car. Recently, a Bombardier manager in charge stated that the airline would agree that Learjet would move 20-25 aircraft a year, a steep drop from the 32 it sold last year. John Di Bert, CFO of Bombardier Inc., said mid-year to an analyst that the sale of about two tens of aircraft per year would make the Learjet "a proper programme.

" Meanwhile, Alain Bellemare, CEO of Bombardier, has more than shown his willingness to divest below-average holdings in the company's asset base, as evidenced by the transfer of CL's water bomber programme to Viking Aircraft. "The Learjet 75 claims to offer "unsurpassed" performances compared to competition jets. The Learjet 70 ceased to be produced due to a lack of orders.

Compared to the newer competitors of Cessna and Embraer, Learjet has no new plane on the drawboard after the recent and very expensive depreciation of the Learjet 85 compound programme amounting to 1.2 billion dollars. Supported by the global 2,300 airplane global airline community, which is widely regarded as the most valued part of the organization, the After Market Service division is expected to achieve annual sales of $400 million and a 12 to 15 per cent operating income mark.

For a long time, Textron seemed to be the most logic punter, and a spokesperson for this firm even said that it was interested in Learjet if it was rated correctly. Closure of the new Learjet production, integration of Learjet operators into the expanding Learjet production supply chain and conversion of as many as possible to new Learjet aircraft.

However, as Cessna moves more and more into the supermedium and large cab segment (where it already supplies the Challenger 350 and 650), it is understandable that it may be hesitant to help Textron Aviation win out. In addition, the company has high recurring financing needs related to the production of its new C-Series aircraft and the development of the Global 7000 ultra-long-range commercial aircraft.

It seemed that Bombardier's policy was to eliminate as much extra costs as possible from the Learjet-line. At the beginning of the year she "optimized" the Learjet 75 Learjet line at Eisenhower Field in Wichita and also sent a new round of layoffs. Meanwhile, Learjet enthusiasts have looked carefully and hoped for the best.

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