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Administer your account online, anytime. Log in to your existing account or create a new account below. or. Log in to your existing account. Wellcome to the Parents Portal.

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ANNOUNCER: Online banking, Charter Bank.

Charter Bank offers you the possibility to monitor your account status and activities at any time from your lap top, tray or smart phone. It is also possible to generate e-mail and text warnings to let you know if your account is low, if a transaction is due, or if a transaction is deleting your account.

Exports or exports trade information or exports trade for your selected charter banking account to your Quicken or Quick Booking application. You can use your on-line banking to administer your on-line banking account without risk. You can conveniently make payments and wire payments from home, the home offices and anywhere else you can get connected. Make secure and fast payments between your account.

They can also plan invoices in ahead as they know they will be safely payed. On-line invoice payment will help you organize and manage all your invoices. The Charter Bank knows how important it is to keep our clients' information secure. We offer maximum protection through the use of multi-factor authentification, encoding and Firewall.

Please take the opportunity to read the following booklets for more information on safety online:

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The latest account information is available FREE of charge at all times. Verify your balance, make payment, verify your recent and past transaction, see the state of your rewards points, modify your mailing and more. Administer your account on-line, whenever you want. Perform an on-line payment: Paid your invoices quickly and simply on-line. Perform one-time or automated payment on your personal account via your giro account.

Checking recent and past transactions: Display your latest settlement cycles and your last three settlements. Look at and exchange your points: Check out your points activities each months and close the account every months to cash in your awards. Please click here to cash in your bonus points. When logging in, just click the "View and Cash Rewards" icon on the account home page.

Create authorised user: Prompt to create another account for an authorised account.

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