Sky Taxi 2

Skydiving Taxi 2

Play the free game Sky Taxi 2: Storm 2012 for PC today! SkydAXI 2: Storm 2012, an incredibly addictive arcade game, will make you addicted until dawn! Rescue the world in Sky Taxi 2: Storm 2012, a side scroller with 275 levels of running, jumping and jumping from the heads of enemies.

Sky-taxi 2: Windstorm 2012

THERE IS NO LIMITATION! On this occasion, the governor has given a mandate. It is too dirty, and the condition of the world should be changed as soon as possible to make it worth living. An intelligent and courageous little pointer can readily do it with their own abilities and experiences in such matters.

Now Sky Taxi 2: 2012 gives you the opportunity to show off your skills and help this smart defense man be successful in any of the 275 stages. In order to make it quicker and more efficient, use your Sky Taxi 2: 2012 and it will always get you to your destination in the least amount of trouble.

Gradually, you are collecting drums of waste chemicals and avoiding items that might disrupt your work. Don't get angry if your boyfriend - the little girlboy - is running and even jumping to perfection. Prevent hitting a robot - it won't do you any good and you may loose your good fortune in Sky Taxi 2: 2012 Wind.

Welcome to Sky Taxi 2: 2012 Windstorm!

Skydiving Taxi 2: 2012 Match

You can play this free of charge now. SkydAXI 2: 2012 Sky Taxi, an unbelievably hooked artificially created adventure that will keep you addicted until noon! Atmospheric pollutants due to the emissions of aerial taxis have led to horrible disasters in the environment and climatic conditions of the planet of the present day. Rescue the futuristic from a total catastrophe!

Join this free adventurous free online scrolling puzzle now!

Sky-taxi 2 - Windstorm 2012

He wants you to eliminate the environmental contamination that causes crazy inclement conditions around the globe. Avoid the villainous robot that tries to destroy anyone who comes close to them! Following the traditional of the best classical platforms Sky Taxi 2 comes: 2012 Stadium, a side scooter with 275 stages of racing, jump and jump on the minds of foes.

Featuring easy control elements, colourful visuals, bonus cards, arcades, mini-games and countless mysteries, Sky Taxi 2 will keep you hopping for month!

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