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We pioneered the field of fractional ownership in 2002. We pioneered the field of fractional homeership in 2002. Since then, we have evolved and become a leader in designing the joint property approach and the use of a single jet - one by one. Benefit from all the advantages of privately operated aircraft without the expense and expense of full operational management.

Your travels are how and when you want - where you want. You' re in full command, offering maximum comfort and luxurious accommodation and can enjoy a safe and safe journey. On the basis of an assessment of your travelling behaviour, you acquire a fraction of the shares in one of our planes. Comfortable and adaptable travelling tailored to your needs.

Fractional Jet Ownership | Private Jet Share Program

Jet share is perfect for anyone who travels over 100 hrs per year and wants the amortization advantages of ownership of an investment. The purchase costs are calculated on the basis of the share value and plane model and are directly related to the number of flight times you normally spend in one year.

Complete and convenient owner management facility - our owner has round-the-clock control of our fleets and local management facilities. Are members able to plan more than one plane on the same flight on the same date? Yes, unlike most other personal jet companies, Jet Share members can plan more than one plane on the same flight date. Your share costs - This is the amount you need to spend on your own capital in the plane.

These can be paid in full or you can fund your share purchases. Weekly Management - This will cover your fix expenses (pilots, insurances, hangar) hours - Every hour you are flying, you are liable to cover the payment of your fuel per hour. If your plane is 5 years old, it is no longer part of our programme.

The Jet Share programme, however, has a 1 hours per day minumum. The Jet Share Members will only be charged for the period they book the plane plus 6 minute cab ride. What is the maximum number of passenger the plane can carry? PC-12 Pilatus - up to eight people, Phenom 100 - up to six people, Citation CJ3 - up to eight people, Phenom 300 & Citation Latitude - up to nine people.

Yes, free of charge convcierge service for food service, floor transport, hotels etc. are offered as added value for Jet Share members. Specific enquiries can be directed to your personal tour guide at the moment of reservation.

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