Private Jet Routes

Jet private routes

The map shows the most popular routes for private jets. It is the second most popular global destination among private fly travellers, followed by Los Angeles, which also receives the award for the most popular US destination. The top 10 private jet routes in Europe From tenfold the number of European aerodromes, private planes can fly and land as regular carriers. One of the main advantages of private air transport is that smaller, locally located aerodromes can be used, which will reduce airport transfer, and any route can be directly routed. But there are important private jet European aerodromes and routes that are always considered the most favourite - for both commercial and private jetbers.

These are the most favourite private jet routes in Europe, which consider the air traffic in both direction and the comparison with the previous year: The Paris Le Bourget is the most frequented private jet aerodrome in Europe and the Paris-Geneva motorway is one of the most frequented private jet urban pairs all year round - for businesses, skiing and private use.

There are also very many private jet trips from Nice on the Cote D'Azur to Geneva, which are particularly successful during the European peak time. There are also private aircraft departures between Nice and Geneva for corporate trips and second owner trips in winters. In France, the inner France corridor between the asset hot spots of the city and the Cote D'Azur is in 4th place and is also more frequently found as top ranking routes in the summers.

From year to year, the routes are becoming increasingly popular in both direction, especially to the north. In Ukraine, the most rapidly expanding private jet track is a national track between the Donetsk mine and the Ukrainian capitol Kiev (Zhuliany airport). This pair of cities shows a rise of over 30% in both ways over the previous year, due to the increasing asset value of the High Net Worth and the attractiveness of private jets in the area.

Vnukovo private jet air link between Moscow's Vnukovo private jet and Nice is also an important summer highlight. From Moscow to the French Riviera, the most favourite destination reflects the area' s attractiveness for Russians. There are also increasing private jet services between Esenboga International Airports in Ankara, Turkey's main hub, and Istanbul, the country's biggest metropolis, especially on the home Eastern Istanbul - Ankara airway.

Europe's brief leap between Milan's Linate International Jetport ( preferred for its special private jet terminal) and Le Bourget Private Jet International is an important private jet route in the Paris ian of France, suitable for both commercial and recreational travel all year round. The flight from Paris to London by private jet provides many London entrances like Luton, RAF Northolt, London City.

However, the most favourite route couple this year is London Farnborough Aiport. Considered one of the most classy and sophisticated destinations in Europe, Farnborough is experiencing rapid expansion on many of the best routes to and from London. London-Geneva's private jet route is one of the most favoured urban routes, with scheduled twin week departures for London and Geneva, as well as frequent skiing between major cities.

Cointrin, the London airport to Geneva, has a high volume of air travel, but Farnborough ranks first ahead of Luton. Beyond the top ten private jet routes, there are other remarkable private jet inner cities couples that account for a significant proportion of total private jet transport in Europe: month-to-month average air travel data from January-June 2013.

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