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Charters offers another Skinny Bundle Streaming TV-Edition. Charter Communications offers another way to secure its customer bases for videos by attracting new subscribers and defending against a burgeoning cable demolition tendency, and has recently launched a new in-house bundling service known as Spectrum Selection. A website devoted to the new service features regional broadcasting network, 25 Music Choice channel and - in an a la cart style view - 10 other channel offerings to help clients complement their pack.

Consumers can also purchase additional addons such as HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz and Starz Encore. Spectrum Choice said the site does not offer prices without an authorized adress, but TechHive, which has used the site for a spinn, said Spectrum Choice begins at $25 per month for the first two years (after a reduced first monthly rate of $15), but without long-term agreements.

Consumers can purchase rewards for $7.50 per monthly or $15 if all are packaged. According to the added article, the site is available on portable computers, web browser, roku player and Xbox-console. The Spectrum Choice does not need a set-top speaker provided by Charter, but clients need one if they want to include a DVR (Charter has not yet launched a DVR in the market that could work with roku speakers, for example).

The TechHive said that the set-top box/DVR options would increase costs by $20 per months, with recording available only on the set-top. Since this is an In-Home, In-Footprint offer, Charter delivers the services over a hosted VoIP link (not a publicly available ISP). It supports out-of-home permissions on some TV and/or VOD capacity linearies.

According to a diagram indicating out-of-home uptime, Discovery Channel and Food Network support VOD and VOD for TV, while only VOD for A&E is support and neither of the two options (linear or VOD) for Disney Channel is available outside the home. Although it is an IP streamed IP broadcast services, Charter emphasized that Spectrum Choice is not a renaming of Charter Spectrum TV Stream, another lean, contract-free offer that spans more than 25 TV stations, plus large scale TV network, and begins at $22 per month, plus multiple premium rates for every $3 per additional monthly (or $15 for the premium package).

This offer is also available through an application for iPhone and Android handsets, Roku player and Roku TV, Samsung Smartvisions and Xbox One. Charter officer did not say when Spectrum Choice was introduced, but it was discovered by CordeCutterNews early this month. Here's a list of the charter companies that have been using Spectrum Choice. The new thin TV service will still come into being when Charter and others explore new ways to attract new videocustomers, find cable cutter and present option for today's paying TV submarines that could tighten their belt.

Charter was able to add 2,000 pay-TV subwoofers for private customers in the fourth quarter of 2017 against the current trends, thus increasing from a net profit of 51,000 in the same quarter of the previous year.

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