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MeinTaxi - The world's first taxi app

Did you ever spend a good evening with good buddies just to find out that you were having trouble finding a taxi home at the end of the day? There is no taxi in view and every taxi you try to call will give you a busy beep.

Or, even worst, have you ever been to a new town or a new county and had a worrying sensation that you were overloaded or were taken by your taxi cabbie? The two European businessmen Niclaus Mewes and Sven Külper already found a way to solve these problems with the introduction of MeinTaxi in June 2009.

Her company's entire philosophy was to provide an alternate way to book a taxi by linking drivers and customers directly through an app. During the following years, the company took over the company strategy of Mewes and Külper from several other well-known car-sharing partners such as Uber and Lyft.

There is a good possibility, however, that these businesses would not even have existed if it had not been for MyTaxi's pioneering work. Wha?s my taxi? MeinTaxi was the world's first taxi reservation app designed and published in Germany. But soon afterwards the company was expanding into other major international destinations, starting in Vienna, Barcelona, Zurich and Warsaw.

In October 2012, MyTaxi even boarded in the United States when it launched in Washington, D.C. So what was the rationale for its fast growth? It has never been so simple to book and pay for a taxi. And for the first of its kind, clients were able to give direct customer input by evaluating their driving feel in the field in real-life.

Every year they were awarded for the best app or the best webserver. They have further expanded their line of products and added MyTaxi Delivery which allows retailers to ship goods to clients at specified deadlines and time. MyTaxi's prospects are definitely looking rosy, and it all began with a basic idea - a basic way to link taxi operators with their clients through an easy-to-use app.

For your iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry the app is available for downloading. What does my taxi do? How exactly does it work? What matters is an unbelievably easy procedure in which the user can reserve a registered taxi, follow the arrivals of their drivers in Real Life, and then immediately give back their experiences of arriving at their destinations.

If you use the app, you can look for a taxi rider from a large variety of licenced taxi riders. There is a choice of taxi riders for every taste in my taxi - you can look for maximum taxi choices and even organise your deals to display only 5-star taxi riders. You also have the possibility to either reserve the same date or four upfront.

Once you have booked your drivers, you can track their arrivals in Real Life. If you' re sitting in a taxi, the app even has a function that lets you upgrade your relatives and buddies on the go so they know you' re safely and healthily. You also have the ability to store the rider as a Favourite, so you can quickly and easily rebook him for your next trip.

There is a good excuse why MyTaxi has received so many renowned awards in its relatively young past. MyTaxi reviewers generally agree that the app is unbelievably simple and user-friendly, making taxi bookings a snap. MyTaxi Delivery - what about it? When MyTaxi grew, they wanted to offer more innovations and even more excellent services to their customers.

In this sense they have developed MeinTaxi Shipping. It is now possible to provide an unbelievably fast courier thanks to my taxi, which has the biggest taxi pool in Europe. Buyers can have their groceries shipped to their door within an hours with the help of the shipment services of MeinTaxi Shipping. As an alternative, clients can choose a time frame for their shipment when they know they are at home to get their order.

On-line shop owner, tile and grout shop and domestic retailer can opt for the delivery services of MeinTaxi. Each time you buy your goods when the function is available, you can see the "MyTaxi Delivery" flag when you complete your order. When you need to directly address your question or concern to my taxi, there are several ways you can get in touch with my taxi.

They can reach the mystery taxi teams directly by phone under +49. You can find the Twitter version of your free Twitter service for MeinTaxi by klicking here. MeinTaxi also runs a number of other formal online community sites. How does my taxi look compared to other similar service? Given how quickly popular it became thanks to its singular and cutting-edge approaches, it was unavoidable that other kinds of businesses would end up adopting a similar type of commercialization.

MyTaxi is not only in a competitive position when it comes to offering transport solutions. MyTaxi Shipping is also in direct contact with a number of other shipping providers, in particular in the foodstuffs area. DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Instacart all provide a local dining or shipping option right on your doorstep.

Let's take a quick look at the above mentioned businesses and how their riders work to see how they stand up to MyTaxi. The DoorDash is an on-demand dining facility launched in San Francisco, California, in 2013. Your riders are called "dashers" and occupy more than 75,000 of them.

Shipping costs for each order can vary between $5 and $8, with the business receiving approximately 20% of the fee from the participant restaurants. Dashers receive a lump sum for each shipment they make, making it a fairly rewarding occasion to live in a town where the services are often used, including advice.

Groubhub works similar to DoorDash in that it is a facility that connects starving guests to a variety of restaurants. Groubhub also offers 24/7 support for every order placed. Groubhub handles more orders than most other supply platform with an annual order count averaging over 300,000.

At the end of the day, this amount will enable their riders to earn a reasonable amount of money. As Uber joined the urban transport industry around the globe, he also joined the food distribution community by starting the UberFRESH ministry in 2014. Soon after, the ministry was re-named Uber Eats.

Similar to DoorDash and Grubhub, this facility has merged with tens and tens of thousands of restaurants in towns around the globe. The difference between Instacart and MyTaxi and the other three is that they specialise in delivering to food stores. It' an unbelievably comfortable customer experience - they just buy their food on-line, and then Instacart has someone pick up your order at the point of sale and ship it straight to your door.

Clients are able to plan lead dates according to their needs - it can be the same or later in the week. But they also provide an Instacart Express plan for $149 a year (reduced to $99 for first-time members). They can either work as shoppers and take orders from the shop as soon as they arrive.

Downloading and using the MyTaxi app on your phone is totally free. The MyTaxi app is free for reservations in any countries except Ireland. From 20 September 2017, a ?2 reservation cost will be levied for the use of the Services in Ireland. It is an industrial benchmark that is applied by all taxi companies in the state.

So far my taxi has only renounced the reservation fees, but this is no longer the case). Concerning the special prices for my Taxi journeys, this may differ from town to town as the regional taxi rules are responsible for setting all tariffs, fees and supplements in each town. It has no influence over the level of these tariffs and must comply with them.

This is also valid for the shipping costs of MyTaxi. Prices may differ by region, but generally prices remain largely the same with extra supply opportunities in the region. There may also be a charge associated with the MyTaxi reservation, based on the type of town you are in.

For more information on your city's cancelation charges, please visit MyTaxi.com. If you have any queries about prices or issues related to your particular area, you can always call or e-mail our customerservice. What does my taxi do? The use of the SkyTaxi app is unbelievably simple.

Next, process your target data (and your pick-up point if you want to ship the taxi to another location). Then you can search all available licenced cabs at your site and with another click you can easily find your taxi drivers. As soon as you have arrived at your final destination, then you can afford the trip and even provide your drivers with your own personal information.

ls my taxi legal? It is a legit business that can be found in many large European capitals and has even grown into the United States. You can see that my taxi is not only a legal but also a very successfull enterprise. Does the use of my taxi make it safe?

An unbelievably secure taxi rental experience. Every one of their taxi riders is fully licenced and certified. If you book a trip through the app, all reservation detail will be validated with the operator and you will receive the name and photo of your rider, and you can even see their feed -back from other clients.

You can also use the app to inform your buddies or your relatives about the state of your trip so you can tell them you're secure. Last but not least, you can make your secure and reliable payment directly via the app. MyTaxi is characterized by safety and ease of use.

MyTaxi - how much does it charge? The MyTaxi App can be used free of charge to make reservations for your trip. Since MyTaxi is only a quick and easy way to get your passenger in touch with a driver, you can't give an exact price estimate. Taxis, inclusive of all ancillary costs and supplements, are always subject to applicable taxis.

Takes money with my taxi? If you wish, you can make a change to your trip on your own using your own currency. As soon as you have booked your trip, you will be able to chose your prefered means of paying. Does the tip on HandyTaxi come with it? Tips are not part of your definitive ticket price, which is charged on your final check-in when using your taxi with Mytraxi.

What can I do with MyTaxi? There are two ways to tip your chauffeur, according to how you pay for your trip. Conversely, if you pay for your trip in hard currency, you can decide whether you want to tip your drivers in hard currency.

What can I do to get a cancellation for a order of my taxi? It' unbelievable easy to reverse a reservation you made through the MeTaxi app. In the top right hand part of the display there is a "Cancel" icon with your travel dates; just click on it to do so. However, there are two important things to keep in mind: if you have more queries about the services offered by MSaxi, there are two other websites that contain the answers you are looking for.

Whilst there is certainly no lack of car-sharing and expedited shipping today, it was MyTaxi that opened the way for taxi operators to get in touch with taxi travelers quickly and simply. MyTaxi has grown at an incredible rate by providing an optimized app that allows customers to quickly and simply select from a large number of fully licenced cabs, enabling them to quickly extend their reach across Europe and North America.

MeinTaxi is always looking to the distant horizon and looking for new ways to develop. From 2018, they have indicated that they will offer a carpooling system that will enable cardholders to reduce the cost of travel by jointly use. Worldwide the first taxi app goes into the new year with a great deal of drive, and its prospects look really rosy.

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