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There was a 12 on the plane. Fifty times and it was good after 2. Amanda, the stewardess, was very impolite and didn't serve us even after several sums! Mumbai to Thailand very bad. And then the stewardess splits herself off over me in blue and a sweater and T-shirt... I had to go through Thailand with every ants or bugs that wanted to bite me.

Do not use JetAirways! Really poor experiences with JetAirways. Expedia had arranged a journey from Denmark to Toronto with a shuttle in Amsterdam. JetAirways operated all services. Because of some problems with our documents we could only board the airplane from Amsterdam to Toronto 20min later.

JetAirways also says that all other JetAirways services will be canceled unless we book a new JetAirways service and charge a penalty of 900 EUR. Had they only let us keep the rest of the paid tickets, it wouldn't have been a big deal, but we would have been beached in Amsterdam for 10 ours before we took the coach back to Denmark.

Also, the client support was terrible. Recently I posted some ticket for my older parent from London Heathrow to Baroda. I' ve arranged this special plane so there's minimal transit in Mumbai. 4 hrs before the scheduled departure of the aircraft, you will receive a text stating that the aircraft has been delayed or canceled due to operational problems.

Contacts given refer to INDIA, the connection from Mumbai to Baroda has a transit time of over 4hrs. He flew from London to Mumbai and back. This is a 4-person hostel (2 adult + 1 kid and 1 child) traveling from London to Bangalore on Jet Aeroways. Jet Airlines has recently changed its Seating Regulations, charging for seats on seats on selected airlines' scheduled services.

They cannot even ensure that the whole household will sit together after a good sum of good cash has been paid. I' ve flown many times with Jet Airlines and never had any problems, which led me to buy tickets from them immediately. Terrible total client support. There was a fast link with the home trip and we asked the personnel if our baggage made it on the trip - which they acknowledged - just to find out that our baggage didn't make the trip with us.

Saving a little additional cash, go with an air carrier that actually appreciates its clients. Flown from London to Mumbai, there was an overload, and they were looking for volonteers willing to take a later plane in return for reimbursement. For me this issue became a boon as I left for a long vacation and had plenty of spare times, but it could have been an unbelievable plague.

But Jetairways presents itself from the beginning as an air carrier with inconvenience. Actually, the actual issue began on the way back. I flew 55 times on the 9W263, and then I only had one hours connectivity before I boarded the LS301 at 12 noon. Our problems began in Kathmandu, where we departed about 50 min late without any explanation.

Consequently, when we landed near Delhi, we were not allowed to fly because there were other planes that would do so. At this point we only had the normal easy breakfasts on the plane, and nothing else. So when we got to Delhi, the Jetairways staff and the other guys who were being guided to London took me to the transfers area and they gave us a small 200 ml container of wine and a small cake.

There is a small rupee only small cash counter in the transfers area and none of us had it because we were not going to stop in Delhi for long and we could not leave the transfers area to exchange moneys. Jetairways agent Anuj didn't give us any updates on what was going on, but he always remained rather unclear.

When I asked what kind of indemnity they would have given us for this issue, he replied impolitely that there would be NO indemnity, that there would not be a Jetairways issue if Delhi International did not authorise them. As I have said to him, and I reiterate here, the non-granting of the permit was a consequence of Jetairways' departure lateness, so the issue began with their unaccounted for latency.

Then he said that it would not be a Jetairways issue if there had been poor Delhi weather, and it was the first occasion I ever listened to this apology around 5am. That means we didn't have a clue at 7.30 p.m. IF and at what hour we came home.

Jetairways let us down and seemed to take the slightest interest in us, so I had to count on the friendliness of a foreigner. Then Anyj and the woman went together, made no statements and stayed away for more than an hours to take the poor grooming to a whole new plane.

WHERE' S THE DUTY OF PRUDENCE ON THE PASSENGER BRIDGES? Gagan Deep Bhagria from Jetaiways came around 9pm and it's hard to see how he had to handle a lot of guys who were really furious about the complete shortage of DUTY OF CARS that JETAIRWAYS showed for the USA. At 30am I was at last informed in person which plane I would be on (BA142, Delhi-London, departure at 01.50am on 3 May), while other folks were less fortunate than me and still had no updates when I was taken to the boardgate.

Eventually, to end the whole catastrophe, I was shown a photograph of my baggage taken from the Kathmandu plane and placed on British Airways to verify that they had taken the correct baggage and I found that they had dropped my backpack hat. Passenger boarding bridges: the best possible way of servicing.

No, seriously, they are not good and after 2 hours in a 9-hour plane it is like being on a parking seat. Three or four scans because a quarter was hidden in a nook gave me a hunch I was going to miss the plane.

When I reached the gates, I got the shock....the plane was flying by my clock, I was 20 min before the flying season. When I thought about what to do, two Gods sent guys called... Neha Sachdeva and Rahul Saxena moved quickly to organize another plane for me within 10 min, I am still deeply thankful.

Jet Airways and its staff are highly appreciated for their great services. It seems that Jet Airways is a good business for business class travel, but apart from just one part of the trip from Saudi Arabia to Bangkok and back, it was only a larger seating area and not much more than you would have expected in economy class.

Aeroplanes were old and had no functioning in-flight entertainments and that is a 10 hour issue, in the skies, on the journey. Hint: No Jet Aviation issue, but the stopover at Mumbai International Station is a laugh. Terrible experiences with Jet with my spouse and child, Jet with 50 min before takeoff went to the airfield and Jet with 50 min refuse to board and said that they are too delayed, but it was said that the switch is shut 45 min before takeoff.

Those blokes have no humanitarianism or ethical sense, I wouldn't be traveling in jets any more. They will not get any assistance from our customers, they just say that your tickets are gone, reserve a new one if you want to go, they are not even embarrassed by their actions. I strongly advise not to fly Jets, there wasn't even "0 Stars", they don't even earn "1 Stars" Terrible and I haven't even used them.

First, they postpone a plane to 12:00 a. m. - a 3-hour modification and refuses to make the reimbursement, and now they have canceled a plane for no good cause - 9 month in advanced. It was the worse night in my whole lifetime and the poorest personnel I've ever seen in client services, the woman who was very impolite, I asked for a cover more than 10 occasions without her doing anything, and she ignored me because she said she was occupied and they didn't have a cover.

It'?s my first flight on Jet Airways, and it certainly won't be the last. Hi, I wanted to divide my terrible experiences with Tripsta.com and help other US and Indian travelers not to be deceived by these low cost websites like "Tripsta.com". and we have posted them from SFO to Hyderabad.

The whole reservation was completed and we received a email confirming the reservation from tripsta.com. The history of the call +1(646)934-6809 from tripsta.com starts here.... Four SF to Hyderabad ticket bookings have been made. Wasted time on every call: Usually the frickin' grievous lawsuit of someone who answers your call is somewhere from 30 to 45 minutes since you have begun your call and they don't tell you how long you should be waiting.

This is a straightforward general rule: "If you don't have any ressources, please don't launch a so-called airline reservation shop and treat clients like tripsta.com and Jetairways treat them like shit. If you have other reservation pages similar to tripsta.com, please STOP waste your clients your own amount of travel experience. After 45 min of terrible wait, a call was received by a member of the support team.

Just as you do, there is an on-line application available at tripsta.com and you will fill in your personal data and enclose your copy of your identity card. At the time, my spouse tried to submit the detail using the drop down box under trippsta. com contacted us via the links. As Office 365 tried to deliver your mail, the recipient mail servers outside Office 365 complained of an "error". What I did was just submit the mail that was sent to tripsta.com and I got this one.

During the teatime my girlfriend told me what was going on and about the typing error in my first name. Again I was on call with these boys and my call was returned after 45 min since the beginning of my call (what a time-wasting tripsta.com, I feel sorry for you and can thank the Lord for you to fix yourself how you handle customers).

Next, I told the above issue that how the forms entry gave the mistake and we couldn't go on since we had no clue as the above 365 offices issue on Tripsta.com. However, I could see that these boys were squandering my precious amount of travel until I exceeded the 24 hour reservation allotment.

Thanks for getting in touch with journeysta Passenger Service Center. Please note that your reservations include a non-Jet Airways airline ticket (9W), so in this case the process of correcting the name cannot be performed. Now the only option we can help you with is to reverse your bookings, refer ral to recover some for you.

As an alternative, you can see if Jet Airways (9W) is ready to modify your flight at the destination. Again, thank you so much for voting for journeysta. And I was angry about tripsta.com's reaction and unaccountable jet airways. Talking about the wait times lasted from 09:00 to 09:45 as before.

My chief tells me that I'm a little late because I had to deal with some scammers like TripstAs, com pages and budget carriers like Jetairways. Personally, I said to the account manager that I wouldn't run the gamble of travelling with a misspelling first name.

I was then again reminded that I was going to be on a holding pattern for some amount of getting, and this year I was smart enough to stop this fellow and asked him exactly how many moments I had to stand and was only said that I had to stand for 5min. Couldn't believe I'd find a fix to my issue in the next 5 min and I was glad early enough that I let it go that I was losing my cash.

As I was told, "According to the small print in the arrangement, you will not receive any cash as you posted it with us". It was a shock to me and I was really angry at tripsta.com because I ruined my lucky day with a single misbooking on a scam site like tripsta.com.

My intention is to help saving cash by searching intelligently on Google and posting on tripsta.com. However, this posting turned out to be a very expensive typing error in my first name and it is a complete squandering of my and my family's precious times and finances. Because they didn't give me a chance to fix my typing error, but they (both Tripsta.com and Jetairways) were clearly meant to rob clients of cash for every easy error they make.

In short, I got three seats for the cash on four seats. I' m not leaving them, not because of the typing error I made, but because these boys cleared cash from credulous people. Don't buy your ticket with tripsta.com & Stop flying with Jetairways.

Happened with both of tripsta.com and Jetairways. Receive true information from customers and answer your feedback.

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