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On this page you will find information on buying multiple trip tickets. On this page you will find more information about buying multiple trip tickets. Stagecoach online provides you with the latest information on bus tickets for multiple journeys to the UK.

Single, round trip and multiple trip ticket as well as municipal transport ticket

If you only need to go on occasion, you can buy a one-way pass, a round-trip pass or an economy pass. As well as the trip on the chosen itinerary, the City Pass also contains a 1-day pass for public transportation at the point of embarkation or disembarkation. They are all available for first and second class fares at full price or at a reduced half-fare travelcard.

Childrens under 6 years old in company of an older adult travelling free of charge. A companion (at least 12 years old) with a current pass can go with a max. of 4 kids. Travelling is free for up to 8 kids with an adult over the age of 16. Every time you query a schedule, the system displays economy tickets (if available).

So the sooner you make your booking, the more economy ticket you will have available. There are a number of requirements for the acquisition of savings balance sheets. In the case of an integrated tariff system, fares for the particular journey are allocated to the tariff system, and in some cases these fares are subjected to different use.

Multiple trip ticket (six one-way trips) are ideal for casual trips on the same itinerary. Multiple trip travelcards can be used in conjunction with the Junior Subscription. Owners of a Half-Fare Card or under 16s can buy multi-ride travel passes at half cost.

Ireland Travel Insurance Offers

Does the winter sports policy come with the package? In the case of minors 16 years and older, they may be allowed to move independent of their parent, provided they are traveling only on an organized educational trip and with a designated adults 18 years and older. You should begin your coverage on the date on which you take out the policy, unless you do not:

You have an existent insurance contract, which insures you up to the date of commencement of coverage you have selected. You have not yet booked a vacation and will only do so on or after the commencement of coverage of your choice. Until the commencement of the insurance you have no insurance coverage. Insurance coverage ONLY starts from the selected starting date.

" Sorry, these travel times cannot be prolonged. In order to ensure that you have continued insurance coverage under your policies, we will seek automatic extension (car extension) of your policies when they expire, unless you tell us that this is not the case. Every year we will inform you 6 week before the date of extension of your insurance and inform you of any changes to the premiums or insurance policies.

Please also keep in mind that your revised policies are only effective if: You have informed us of any changes to your insurance records (including any changes in your state of health) as you will continue to be obliged to communicate with the healthcare institution to report an illness; - and your payment information has not been altered.

We may not be able to extend your policies in some cases and will notify you in due course if this is the case. To facilitate the automatic extension process, we believe that your information has not altered and that you have received cardholder consent unless you notify us otherwise.

How high is the max. retirement date for a single trip? How high is the max. retirement date and length of time that I can accept with a single trip insurance? Max. length of stay for a single trip: -35 nights for people between 70-79 years. Is it possible to prolong my Single Trip Policies for a longer period of time?

Note "How old and how long can I take out single trip insurance? You may be able to renew your insurance if your overall travel time does not exceed your ceiling. How is a single trip directive defined as a single member of a group?

Yeah, but they must have a police in their own name and get the full adults price. What time should I start/end my Trip Policies? Your insurance must commence on the date you set off to travel and end on the date you returned to the Republic of Ireland.

Insurance coverage for the cancelling of an individual trip begins as soon as the insurance has been taken out. How high is the backpacker directive retirement requirement? For a backpacker insurance plan, the upper retirement date is 49 years old. Which is the max. length of stay? They have the right to travel up to 20% or 31 consecutive calendar holidays of the covered period in another area, whichever is lower.

In order to be eligible for coverage for travel to/from the USA and Canada, you must have global coverage that includes USA/Canada. Is the Backpacker Directive complete? Base price includes cancellation/termination of your trip as a consequence of an occurrence, medical and other emergency costs, baggage costs inclusive of cash, missed departure, accident, personal liability, legal costs and holiday interruption.

Detailed information about what is included can be found in our Policies Wording. How long can winter sports activity under a backpacker directive last overall? If you have already payed the corresponding supplementary insurance you are insured for up to 31 day winter sports outings. You will find definition and boundaries of winter sports in the Policies Wording.

How long is the travel time permitted for a backpacker directive? At present, we are able to offer a 365 day coverage. Is it possible to prolong my backpacker policies for a longer period of time? Should you wish to remain abroad after the expiration date of your policies, you must notify us by e-mail/telephone at least 2 week before your policies expire.

In some cases we can prolong the insurance coverage for a max. of 24 month trip. An inhabitant of the Republic of Ireland is someone who is a permanent Irish Resident and has been so for the last six month before the date of issuance of your insurance contract. There is no coverage available for persons not residing in the Republic of Ireland.

Could I still get coverage on you? Whether you have a birth date after purchasing the insurance is irrelevant; we only need your age at the moment of purchasing the insurance. Which costs do I have to pay when purchasing a police contract? There is a processing surcharge of ? 4.50 per insurance.

Which costs do I have to pay if I buy a telephone contract? There is an extra charge of 5.45 if you order your policies through our Call Center. Where can I get my health information? If you take out an annuity via our website, you have the possibility to have your validation certificate (proof of insurance) and the annuity text printed out after successful processing of your payments.

Your reservation receipt will include your bank information and instructions on how to access your records through the "Your Policy" section of our website. It is also possible to choose to have your insurance records sent to you by mail or e-mail. A text will be sent containing your insurance number and the emergency phone number.

It is strongly recommended that you take your validation certificate and guideline with you when traveling. The above objectives would all be addressed by a single EU political framework. How do you mean "illness"? An " illness " is any illness for which you have been given health care, treatments or medications in the last 2 years.

You can find more information below or in your policy wording. If I/we have an illness, what should I or one of my travel guides do? If, at the point you take out your policy, you know that you or a travel agent have the following: If you are taking any prescription medications or awaiting to be treated (including surgeries, testing or examinations) within the last 2 years, you must call the health screener on 0818 286 539 and report your health.

Screening coordinators can tell you if the screening status can be catered for. Is there any insurance against uninsured diseases? Following exemptions are valid for all policyholders at the moment of taking out this insurance or at the moment of making the reservation.

They are not included in Section A - Cancellation or Reduction Costs, Section B - Emergency Health and Other Costs, Section C - Hospital Services, Section C - Accident and Section X3 - Green Charges for all direct or indirect entitlements resulting from: - Any illness for which you know of a diagnostic but have not had one.

Every medicinal state for which you have obtained a final prediction. Every state of health for which you are on a waitlist or on which you are on or have an understanding of the need for an operation, care or examination in a local or regional health facility. Every state of health that you have with regard to which a doctor has recommended you not to go or would have gone if you had taken his advise, but you still go.

Any operation, procedure or examination for which you plan to go outside Ireland to obtain it (including any costs resulting from the detection of other diseases during and/or as a result of such procedures). Every medically condition for which you are not taking the advised course of action or prescription medications as ordered by a doctor.

Where any of the following exceptions applies to your immediate relatives or companions at the date of taking out this insurance or at the date of making the reservation, you are not included in Section A - Cancellation or Reduction Expenses, Section B - Emergency Health and Other Expenses, Section C - Hospital Fee, Section C - Accident, and Section X3 - Green Charges for all direct or indirect entitlements resulting from: - any health status for which a immediate family member or tour guide has been given a final forecast.

Every state of health in which a near relation or travel partner receives an operation, care or examination in a local or regional health care facility or is on a patient wait listing or has notice of it. Any disease known to a near relatives or travel companions but for which they have not been diagnosed. You should also reference the general exclusion on page 5.

Are I still insured if my health status is denied? In the event that your illness is denied coverage, we will only preclude a claim that relates to that illness. Remaining parts of your trip protection remain unaffected by this expulsion. I' ve already got a police statement, but I've recently been diagnosing a new disease.

If at the date you took out your health cover you did not know the status or conditions of your health care (including operations, testing or examinations), you do not need to explain this to the health care institution until your cover is due for prolongation. If I renew my policies every year, do I have to go to the health care provider?

Yes, you must check with the health insurance provider every year when your insurance is renewed to review coverage for health sickness. If I' m with child, what am I insured for? In the Cancellation or Reduction of Insurance section, you are insured if you have to cancel/abort your trip due to unforeseen pregnancy and birth problems.

They are also insured under emergency health and other costs abroad if there are unforeseen consequences as a consequence of becoming pregnant directly and there is a need for urgent health care. Travel during your period of gestation is insured as long as you do not travel against the advise of your physician or the carrier's instructions. You can find more information in your policy wording.

You may be eligible for a refund if you terminate for any cause listed in your policy text. Among the causes included are unexpected emergency situations such as sickness, personal injuries or deaths of you, your tour guide and/or a near relation. Cancellations due to commercial commitments, changes of opinion or your reluctance to spend your holiday are not insured.

What time should I call 911? If you have a health problem or need to cancel your trip for an insurance policy reasons, please call our team. When you have private health insurance, you must also turn to them and tell them about your health emergencies.

You will find the contacts in your Political Wording. They will also be asked to provide a copy of your validation certificate and your guidelines. You will find the contacts for the claims department in your Police Summery. See the complaint process in our Privacy Wording section. Notice of termination shall be given with effect from the date of issuance of the insurance contract.

Insurance shall pay by default the cost of accidents and emergencies of a person for the operations mentioned in grade 1 of the insurance text as soon as they are carried out incidentally during the leave. For further information, see the text of the Directive. Your trip is not intended to be an active one.

Supplementary cover may be granted for extra jobs in classes 2 - 4 against an extra bonus. For further information, see the text of the Directive.

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