Corporate Jet Interior

Interior Corporate Jet

However, this does not mean that the interiors of the customers are nothing to be despised. This is the A-Z of the interior designers of private jets for VIP, corporate and head of state interiors worldwide. How will the private jet of the future look like? Set up your yacht & private jet with the finest luxury decor.

Throughout the aviation industry, International Jet Interiors is known as a leader in the modernization of private jets.

Yachts & Privatejet Interior Design

Rooms in privately owned transport vans require the same degree of dedication and love of detail as a customer's home or work. This is a place where your personality is appreciated to make your living simpler and more pleasant. At Kneen & Co. we are experts in helping property owner, manager or designer to discover the best tableware, crystals, desk accessoires, lights and linen.

No matter whether it is a matter of locating a wineglass that fits conveniently and securely into an airplane or yachting tub mount, or a tailor-made sheets for the beds in the master cabins, our competence in navigation on the market place is perfectly matched to the equipment of specific rooms.

Interior fittings for aircrafts & privat aircrafts

Extend your airplane with a modernized interior for added convenience and a long lifespan. Providing full, tailor-made modernization and modifications of commercial and residential jetliners. Our company maintains and modernizes airplane seats, carpets, staircases, walkers, cupboards, built-in components and maintenance equipment. More than 30 years of aerospace industry expertise enable us to offer the following interior design services:

Our company provides assistance in the interior design of aircrafts for all important producers of personal jets and airplanes, including:

The three upgrades for aircraft interiors that add value

The historic low aeroplane re-sale price levels and the large volumes of used aeroplanes on the commercial markets are causing airplane operators and airline fleets to reflect on how they can maximise the value of their existing aeroplanes in order to differentiate themselves in a congested aeroplane business and achieve a higher re-sale value or maximise ease of use so that they can keep the aeroplanes one or two years longer instead of updating them now.

The passengers' happiness is often more related to the state of the interior than to the year in which the plane left the production line. The state of the interior is also an important aspect when it comes to the sale of an airplane. "The first question the real estate agent will ask a purchaser is this: "Would you like to renovate the interior yourself or would you like to buy something relatively new?

Nine out of ten buyers want a new interior. They' re looking for a turnkey plane they can deploy immediately. "said Brad Harris, Dallas Jet International founding director and Emeritus Chairman of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA). "When it comes to deciding when, if there are two similar planes, they will decide on the one with the best looking interior," he added.

Purchasers' perception of the interior will reflect their opinions about things that are not as apparent as how well the plane has been serviced. A few particular features of an interior of an aircraft that are of particular importance to a buyer: Most of the time, the point worn is the "turning point" where the passenger enters the plane, sets his feet and then goes towards the right to the flight deck or the canopy.

The carpet is an interior upgrading of a jet that offers a great enhancement of "buyer appeal" at a relatively low price. "Clow guesses, don't even restore a single stool in the cabin." "When the chairperson's chairperson's seat needs to be restored, you should take all chairs in this group, if not in the whole Cab.

" Though if the booth encloses a blend of seating and sofas, an elaborate blend of new lined seating in coordination of fabrics with available sofas can produce a beautifully preserved booth without a comprehensive refit. However, cab electronic systems have also gained in importance in recent years. If, for other reason, a cab conversion is carried out, it is a good moment to substitute or upgrade a cab management system.

Otherwise, a work-around is to have an iPad or tablet for most seating in the booth. Others that are considered headliners usually get away from wearing out, unless someone is smoking on the plane, in which case an exchange is required. Journeys can take up to 15 hrs on an ultralong haul plane. However, short-haul planes that travel 5 or less should still have a cab that talks about good craftsmanship and diligence, but the equipment does not have to be as convenient or large.

Both Harris and Clow agreed that cabins are critical to the value of an airplane when it comes to reselling it. It' s seldom that 100% of the costs for interior work are reimbursed at the point of sale, unless you consider fewer trading day dates, which can be a significant consideration for some vendors.

"Interior " does not completely mean a higher re-sale value, but it does make the airplane stand out from the mass. This puts them at the top of the list for each model," says Dean. Headquartered in London, the C&L Group is a leading international aerospace service company and provide commercial and commercial jet air transport service and back-office operations specialized in interior and interior equipment, aeronics upgrade, hangar repair, airframe dismantling service, parts assistance, and the sale and lease of aeroplanes and engines.

As an FAA/EASA Part 145 Certified Repair Station, C&L makes airplane owning more profitable by offering all service in one location: our state-of-the-art 140,000 sq ft facilities at Bangor International Airport in Maine as well as our global retail and warehouse facilities. The C&L Group also provides personal air travel charters and flight operations through SevenJet and air travel sale through SevenJet Personal Travel.

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