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It is also possible to search for cheap flights by using our compare prices tool. A note on air fares: Booking now with 24-hour risk-free cancellation!? Returning to India after a long study term? As we know it is difficult to be so far away from your host families, we are committed to making your journey to India as convenient and simple as possible when you make your flight through us.

Surely it doesn't make any difference whether you travel to India at the end of each term or whether this is your first visit (but if it's your first visit, be sure to read our India Travel Guide before you leave).

A hint about air fares: As of the date of publication, all prizes were up to date. Rates are quoted on an as-is basis and are changeable without prior notification. Rates are calculated on the basis of 14-day research for outward and return US travel to selected Indian cities with December 2018 departure.

Fares depend on date, point of origin, point of delivery and availabilities. With the exception of certain state tax, alteration charges and charges which are levied in the charges for your final checked luggage and flight luggage if any, all taxes/charges are inclusive of the fare. Please note: round-the-clock cancellations are not possible on all round-the-clock services.

When' s the best fucking day to go to Mumbai? Budget airfares to Mumbai are generally very difficult to find up to these special occasions, but if you are planning ahead, you can get some good quotes for your airline ticket. Low Season: You will find the best cheap Mumbai flight during Mumbai and during the hot summers.

As a rule this is from June to the beginning of September, although at the beginning of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festivals around the mid of August an air ticket hike can be observed. What is the best moment to make a flight to Mumbai? Except in the low seasons from June to September, you can find cheap Mumbai departures around March and April if you schedule ahead and save your flight ticket a few month in advance. Your flight will take you to Mumbai in the low seasons from June to September.

No matter when you plan a visit, you should make sure your Mumbai flight is scheduled at least three month in advance, or more if you can. When you are not stuck by vacations or weekends, flexibility will help you find cheap airfare.

What's the duration of the flight to Mumbai? From London to Mumbai: 8h55. From Manchester to Mumbai: 12h30m. From Birmingham to Mumbai: 13h15m. From Glasgow to Mumbai: 11h40m. What airline companies offer Mumbai travel? The four main carriers offering Mumbai services are Jet Airways, British Airways, Air India and Virgin Atlantic.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airports is located about 28 kilometers from Mumbai. A number of different ways are available to get you to the center after your flight to Mumbai-Land. You have to take a fast coach or cab ride to the railway terminal yourself, so consider this in your schedules once you have your flight ticket on.

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