Yellow Yellow Cab

Amber Amber Amber Cabin

Get the perfect yellow cab pictures. The new yellow taxis offer passengers an exorbitant price in advance. In a two-year piloting programme, the Taxi and Limousine Commission has adopted a new yellow and verdant taxi phone application that allows travellers to get fares, overcharges and estimates of arrivals in advance before they travel. Developed "for New Yorkers by New Yorkers", Waave is the first application that gives New Yorkers the same comfort as other ride-hailing applications like Uber and Lyft.

Currently, a pre-launch allows early application support, and all New Yorkers can start using Waave next weekend. Authorisation of the two-year piloting programme and the Waave application follows a recent council resolution to limit the number of rental cars registered on the city's roads.

Recently, a number of laws will introduce the one-year ceiling, which excludes wheelchair-accessible cars, while the municipality is studying the effect of service on road traffic overload. In addition, the municipality will also demand that the application firms dealing with ride-hailing make available information on use and fees and pay a $10,000 penalty for those who fail to do so.

Waave addresses concern that yellow cabs have discriminated against prospective travellers in the past and are selectively determined when they will and will not travel to suburbs, and makes sure that New Yorkers in areas under-served by conventional cabs and public transport .... know that they cannot be denied services on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin".

Every Waave driver is fully licenced and covered by insurance and has been thoroughly tested. As with any other cab journey, $0.50 from each scale journey will flow into the MTA' s transits system, while a further $0.30 from each journey will be added to the Taxis Improvement Fund, which is devoted to raising the number of wheelchair-accessible cars. and Europe's consumers approve the Communications Directive.

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